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Black Phantom Skins

(Fatalist Flames) #34

Was always a fan of the Onyx Guard helmet because it looks like he has some sick sideburns, lol.

(HayMaker304) #35

Like I said. Fairly simple unless your the guy who stares at his TV with a microscope decerning which characters are which.

If that was true you would’ve noticed that Marcus - in his old age- must be hitting the gym pretty hard as he has gained some mass

Remember this game is dead and we are in sight of the new game. Why would anyone want TC to allocate resources to content that will become useless in 6 months is beyond me. To each their own. I would rather them say they are done with this game and push all resources into 5.

As they have proven in the past with this game and UE - they need the resources.

(HayMaker304) #36

It honestly looks like Clayton/Vday gears head.

Always thought it was funny that everyone wants onyx guard but yet it was Delta who saved the war and Delta who always did all the heavy work but everyone wants the onyx guard who always gets rolled on lol


His eyes look like ridged pickles

(Bleeding Pepper) #38

I very much doubt they are actively working on anymore GOW4 custom skins at the moment.

Anything to be released in the near future would be stuff they have created months ago and has been sitting there in the vault waiting to be released.

But I get your point - it’s surely far better for the fans to have had these custom skins ages ago so they actually have time to use them. I’d definitely have prefered if they announced and released one last pack featuring some good stuff and just go out with a bang.

I guess TC’s way of maintaining even a vague interest in the game, which helps them to promote their eSports tournements (they got one more scheduled), is to stagger this content out over the entire lifespan of the game.

(Stealth Ninja X) #39

And like I said they look nothing alike and even the V-day gear has a different helmet or do you want me to pull out a picture of him and compare it with the Onyx Guard too? Also the argument here isn’t about the game being alive or dead (well the online modes that is) it’s about you claiming they look the same when they clearly don’t.

(Stealth Ninja X) #40

You mean just the online portion of the game because the game will still work and remain playable even after everyone finally leaves the online modes.

(Bleeding Pepper) #41

You know what I meant! :stuck_out_tongue: Just until GOW5 is released.

(HayMaker304) #42

I didn’t know people would get so butthurt over saying they are basically the same lol but alas they are basically the same. Jam Clayton’s head onto Anthony and hit him with some black paint - boom. Onyx guard. Sad part is people would flock to it and pay REAL cash to get a CHANCE at getting them.

Geeez calm down killer. It’s just a video game and this is an Internet forum lmao

Hey @DAVID_THE_CLOWN do I need to make an apology thread now?

(Stealth Ninja X) #43

Was never butthurt to begin with lol but it sounds like you’re the one getting upset with the fact that I’m proving you wrong by actually showing you evidence where you haven’t. So once again they don’t look the same, also Clayton? Seriously? Now you’re just reaching lol :laughing:

image image

(HayMaker304) #44

Like I said. I honestly just don’t care.

And in reality no one does and nor does TC.

Your showing my point is just as valid as yours. They are pretty much the same. Small changes and that’s all you have.

So again. Stare at your TV with a microscope for however long you want too lol. I have better things to do.

I’d bet to say that TC could put the Vday gears head on Anthony’s body and give him the blacked out treatment and sell a few thousand chances at getting him.


@HayMaker304 @Stealth_Ninja_X
This is the most absurd argument ever… :joy:


Ninja just likes starting fights lol :smile:

(HayMaker304) #47

Dude I swear. This Ninja guy has to be @GearsCharacters smurf account. He’s finding pictures and close ups that I’ve never even seen before lol


Totes agree my brother😂

(Stealth Ninja X) #49

So because I’m in a small debate suddenly it means I’m fighting now? Ok then gotcha :ok_hand:

(HayMaker304) #50

(Stealth Ninja X) #51

You’re the second person I’ve seen accuse me of being someone else that I personally never met before, do guys just make a habit of automatically assuming that anyone you get into conflict with are all the same person all of the sudden?

(Stealth Ninja X) #52

The mark of a true SJW, at this point I’m done arguing with you since apparently nothing gets through to you regardless of I’m civil or joking around, I can see why many of friends don’t bother with the forums for any Gears game in general.

(HayMaker304) #53

No sir not at all

It has to do with the point you have to prove about a statement I made about them being fairly close to the same.

Then your ability to come up with close ups that no one has ever seen before

All this for a dieing game that will be dead in 6 months anyway.

That’s all I’m saying. No argument. Just coincidence.