Black phantom skins not returning is crap

Ppl saying oh I had to grind for those skins. I grinded for dessert armor del now anyone can still just buy em with coins. Bro I had to get 1000 revives with jack, 500 lancer headshot kills like yo what ??? What about winter armor del that’s was in the 1st ToD ? Or desert armor jd he gonna be removed ? That was a grind. Desert armor kait was the last on the 1st Tod and was OG will that be removed ? That really sucks. Only thing I was looking forward to for grinding and playing this week for.

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Tour of duty content should be locked as well. It is how seasonal stuff works. If you miss out on it tough luck. Not everything should be obtainable by every player. Should they release the master skins in the store as well?


This is the first step in TC to restoring faith with us.

I’d say it’s a good move.

Trust me, if they unlocked the phantom skins their would be an uproar within the community.

Best to just let us win this.

I don’t have them either.

How if guys like me are getting perked over ? Glitched esports skins primaries returned with the power weapons… what yall want another $10 ? I would’ve been fine if they didn’t include the primaries.

Do you remember how to unlock desert armor del ? He’s in the store. He could’ve meant something along with other tod & medal unlock content that I mentioned.

No more money.

It’s just gaming principles.

You say something & you do it.

I understand you. But this would’ve been the final straw.

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Exactly. While I have some sympathy for players who couldn’t unlock X, Y or Z, the point is in order to get X, Y and Z we should have to participate and achieve the prerequisites.

I’ve seen people complain about how “I was too busy!” or “I wasn’t a fan back then!” Well, that’s just sometimes the way it is. If I choose not to enter a lottery, then that’s on me. If unlocking the TOD General reward meant enough to me, then I would have made the time.


Nah exclusives in gaming are horse ■■■■ and supporting the idea is equally kind of stupid. They should be available to everyone.


If you quit gears over weapon skins you’re actually likely better off gone man honestly, bet you don’t have all the achievements in gears 5 yet anyways


I wasn’t going to quit. But a lot probably would.

I don’t , achievement hunting is not my goal.

But I’m an accomplished PvP player.

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I’ve heard that from every PVP player but never seen the walk from any of the Pvp talk so I couldn’t colour myself impressed in any likes. Never heard of you tbh.

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Bro move man. What does achievements prove? What a clown.

Well I don’t advertise myself & no social media.

Only serious Ranked PvP players know me.

Especially on TDM I was a household name to beat on there.

Took a break for college & was too 16. Was top 3 at some point with the highest k/d

Like the diamonds & masters

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That kids obviously a horde/escape dude.

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Don’t know you neither does a few of my masters group :man_shrugging:t2:, maybe FFA, or master complainer over minuscule updates of weapon skins?

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You are complaining about people complaining about weapon skins but you yourself are complaining that they shouldn’t be exclusive.


Yeah yeah.

Not everyone wants to be known.

Some of us play for fun.

& pretty passionate about it. Don’t get it twisted.

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Not a bro move, I’m a savage and dislike superiority complex and stopped PVP focuses in gaming because of the communities being kind of silly to put it lightly

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No one has superiority complex here…

If anything my stats have been stripped from me so now I’m nothing to the game.

But all the ranked players of tdm knew I was that sweaty mother f****r who’d give you a good time when we play.

Everyone should NOT get a trophy!

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It’s just weapon skins