Black Phantom Skins Gears 5

saw somebody with black phantom skins, they kind of look like the holographic skin in gears 3 that only hackers and game devs had. How do i get this skin in gears 5?

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You can’t anymore



Wouldn’t surprise me if they let you get them later down the road


You had to earn them in Gears 4.


Part of the Road to Gears 5, from Gears 4.

Gilded Raam

I earned one from GOW4

May be an unpopular opinion but I dislike them, I have them and never use them, black imo is like thee worst color you can make transparent, its so damn hard to see. They should’ve been blue or green or something, hell even white! Would look better than black (again, this is my opinion i doubt it’ll be popular)


I got a Black Phantom Talon. I don’t know why. I did do some GOW 4 Road things to get the Guilded characters, but not the Raam one.


Haha, that’s the point! I use them for all power weapons because they are so hard to see. Many times (in 4) I died holding a boom/drop and I was able to go back and pick it up because the enemy didn’t see them :wink:

And hiding around corner with the black transparent tip of the gnasher sticking out, hmm…


I just noticed I had that same exact skin for my talon as well. Have no clue how I got it. I thought it was a rare supply drop. But it’s there.

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I really wish this wasn’t timed, and you could go back and earn these rewards whenever, the same way they did past game unlocks in Gears 2-3.


They had both blue and green versions in gow4 too

I know, and pink. I don’t know why they couldn’t have picked a better color than black though, its just so dull and “meh” in my opinion.

Same here can you get more by playing gears 4 still I wonder

preference black is fire no cap

Team phantom :wink:

thoughts on the new holo skin?

I’ve got the black phantom skins and also Gilded Raam. They were a grind to get so I’d be annoyed if suddenly they were free.

I only have the phantom talon lol

But at the end of the day they are just skins so I don’t know why people want them or other skins so bad

It doesn’t change the gameplay