Black Phantom set

How do people have the set? I only have 1 black phantom skin

The road to gears 5 event they had before gear 5 was released

Do you remember which one? I only missed guilded raam

Pretty sure it’s not possible to have just one. The reward was the entire set, they weren’t given out individually.

And it was linked to the Gilded RAAM Challenge.

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I have the skin for just the talon


That’s the one, unfortunately … gilded raam

Actually, a lot of people somehow got the Black Phantom Talon at launch. Both of my kids got it, but didn’t complete the Raam challenge. I thought it was just another weird Gears bug.

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me too. That’s the only one I have and I too got it at launch. Ive seen other people with black talon guns but I dont know how they got them.

I completed all of the challenges except eSports Kait.

Didn’t get a single guilded character, only one phantom skin and the guilded weapon skin set.

I contacted support and they basically told me to go screw myself. :man_shrugging:

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At least you got an answer…glass half full and all that :+1:


I know where I stand now at least, yeah :rofl:

did you send them a pic of the road to gears 5 site?

Yeah. They don’t “accept” screenshots

Is that one of the challenges? :wink:


Yup. They said each time I do it they’ll reward me with 2 iron.

They wanted video proof though :sob:

That’s a bit much. I’d be happy to get my doctor to sign a statement confirming that I screwed myself, but providing video proof is a bit much from a privacy perspective.

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Everybody got the black phantom for the talon. My friends have it and they didn’t even do the Gilded RAAM challenge.


There was a tracker on gears 4. Theres no way u completed it because u wouldve gotten the completion achievements.

I completed it man.

I also beat gears 4s campaign on inconceivable 4 times and never got the achievement. Beat 5s campaign on insane, no achievement.

TC are known for their buggy achievements. That proves nothing