Black Friday Iron

Random thought, but itd be nice if TC put BF deals on their Iron… Idc 100% cause I still got some, they haven’t released anything I want to spend Iron on,.last 2 things I got was Winter Armor Marcus and Chrome Steel Kait… but would definitely get more just cause if there was decent deal on it, just cause I know eventually they will drop stuff I really want.

I know its a thing cause what even makes me bring it up is that I was browsing the BF deals in the xbox store and seen Defiance is doing it with their in game currency, well never played it but based on the pic thats what im assuming it was.

They recently put up 10,000 Iron for £50. I don’t know how much that is, in your local currency. But that’s like £1 = 200 Iron compared to 156 Iron.

I think youre referring to the normally $100 package that they put on sale for 60, I did notice that a couple days ago

What if they adjust the price to have everything 75% off all the time… And live with their standard of delivery.

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Would be nice, but they wont do that, least not all the time… but if they did 75% off for BF thatd be great, but they wont do that either

Their marketing guru and economics guy is overvalueting stickers… They are the worst… Everything should be 75 % all the time. That’s about what these store items are worth. That’s the reality. These guys are far from it.


You’d have to be insane to waste that amount of money on Iron, especially when the content is so very mediocre.


That’d be cool, but I sure as hell ain’t giving TC my money.

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The problem is people already have

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Right now, it is. But my guess is that the content would become better when Operation 2 releases. If anyone wanted to be smart with Iron purchases, this is literally the cheapest for Iron cost amount. Whether stockpile or not, it can get used on Boost for upcoming months. And for when Delivery Driver Mac 2.0 comes out.


Think I might go for the iron sale cause I’m sure by next year they will put some of my favorite locusts up in the store and wouldn’t be able to pass on them.

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Would be great if there was a discount but just can’t see it happening apart from the one that’s currently on offer now.

Not trolling or anything here but have Fortnite or other such games had any reductions on there in game economy during Black Friday?

Can’t see how it’s a problem but ok

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Like Chrome Steel Locust skins? It’d be a waste to get the iron if you’re wanting to buy Locusts, because the characters themselves will be available through Totems or other grindy ways that they can come up with. Only skins of the Locusts will be in the shop, like Chrome Steel Locust Sniper.

People buying iron means people buying things from the store means prices wont go down


How didn’t you see this as a problem?

I don’t have a problem with how other people choose to spend there money.

Why have you?

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I think the chrome steel is garbage. It’s like a mudded grey and not chrome at all. Yea I’m sure locusts will be free to earn but also skins of them like maybe a cyclops or like a savage version might be iron only so could be good to have in case.

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Oh, so you’d be okay with TC selling a midget Locust Drone in the shop that gives a gameplay advantage to those who purchase it with their money because it’s… THEIR MONEY!?


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Hmm, that’s true. That’d be pretty scummy to do, but I guess the Locust Sniper, Beast Rider, Cyclops, etc are just a Locust Drone with a helmet or goggles, so it’d make sense if they were considered skins for the Drone.

Also, Chrome Steel does look like sh*t.