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Black Friday Deal is Unacceptable

The game released 2 and a half months ago and the game price already dropped 30-45% (45% for the ultimate version). This is unacceptable. Not only the real fans of the franchise had to deal with a broken game but also had to pay full price with overpriced microtransactions. KEEP THAT IN MIND TC! How can you drop the price that much in just 2 months after the release?! This is the worst move you, as a company, has done so far and the last nail in the coffin for me. This is disgusting!


I’m pretty sure prices are set by individual retailers, so Microsoft if it’s the MS online store. Or Walmart if it was that.


It’s everywhere the same. Microsoft store (Xbox Store and Windows Store), Amazon, Steam, Saturn (German Store), MediaMarkt (German Store), Game Stop and more.
On Steam it is also 50% for the normal version…


Almost all games drops after 4 week and 8 weeks out.

But the 47% drop after 6 weeks for Tomb raider got a huge backlash. They then entered game pass. Theres no shame in this industry. And if you ever going to buy a game i say buy it 1 year after release. If its a multiplayer game you will see if it still has players and majority of bugs will be fixed.

This will be the same with all the skins for sure. In 1 year you will be able to buy them dirt cheap.

TC has no shame at all just look how they handled Gears 4 exclusive stuff and what not.
Pre order stuff got released for everyone.


Like I said, prices are determined by retailers. Developers can recommend a price - the RRP, but anything beyond that it up to the retailer - especially further discounts for sales etc.

Agree on the exclusive items like skins though.

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Don’t buy day one any game unless you are desperate to play. All games seem to be discounted 1 or 2 months down the line from release.

It’s a trend of the industry not just GOW 5 I think.


This is true for brick and mortar stores, but not for online storefronts.

You most certainly can set your own price on Steam and such. Source: I’ve done it.

I’m just gonna wait for 2020 and get it for $ 14.99 with all content included lol and then I just gonna keep it seal as a remainder that some games aren’t meant to see the light :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I mean was anyone not expecting it to go on sale? Its black Friday pretty much everything is fair game (no pun intended). I believe even Borderlands 3 is going to be on sale and its brand new too and I have yet to see anyone complain about that in the respective forums.

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When a game does not sell as much as intended the price drops really fast in most retailers. They have to get rid of the stock some how. I remember when Fall Out 76’s price dropped to half of the release price only a month after launch. It happens a lot now a days. When the game is hot that does no happen though. I remember GTA V being expensive for years after launch and same for any new COD for like a year it stays at high price.

I paid $2 to transfer my XBOX Live account to the Ultimate Game Pass so I’m good until April 2020. This is the first GOW game that I did not purchase physically. Glad I did it this way because I would of been mad too.


Usually it is the marketing or management that push or ask to be in sales. Not the stores that does it.
If they arent old games or have a huge amount of them they need to get rid off… Anthem.

Also studios has to wait 4 weeks to adjust the price. then after 8 they need to reduce it again to get new players.

You do know that its a black Friday sale where merchandise have a MASSIVE discount right


Worst move? Lol okay. This game was advertised with the $1 game pass and had a price drop so early for a reason. Sales and interest are probably nowhere near what they wanted. So they discount the game to get more people on the servers.

You knew what you were getting into buying this game so early. Anyone could have seen this coming a mile away. They are a business. They wanna make money.

Maybe next time don’t spend $60 on a sequel of a game our community criticized extensively.

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I can see why people are raging about this, I purchased the ultimate edition and I live in Canada so that hurt the old wallet for a game I do not even play lol.

But it seems to be working out for TC doing this, its now half price every where, Steam and the Microsoft store and it has done a great job pulling the PC players back. PC peak players last week was at one point 300 and yesterday it was 1700.

No doubt we have not seen the last of these kind of deals, there will be game pass deals and gears deals all the time as I do not think this game sold well at all so they need to do stuff like this to boost sales from time to time, I mean delivery driver Mac can only do so much ha ha ha ha.

They have been making a livigin with old good mac… I mean they have to find another ways to get money.

release an unplayable broken mess of a game at a very greedy 70 euro (77 USD) with 750 $ worth of microtransactions built in and then expect it to sell like wildfire or be universally loved lmao.


You need to limit your complaints to things TC can actually change to make gameplay better. You can’t stop profit maximization or diminishing demand schedules. It’s just microeconomics. No one’s going to listen to you, nor do anything about it, so why complain? It dilutes the true complaints.

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almost nobody lkes the game… I mean people have spent money on the game its not a matter if they complain its WHY SHOULDN’T THEY? .


here’s a thought on maximising your profits vs vulture capitalism:

Witcher 3 released without game-breaking bugs, was technically much more complex and still managed to bag over 250 game of the year awards without microtransactions ever being a part of the release.
what cosmetic DLCs CDPR made for their game were mostly free.
game still sold better than GoW 4 and 5 combined.

if TC were to focus on releasing a complete, polished and technically sound game next time instead of a broken mess with crap cosmetics, if they’d focus on making a great game and nothing else, they’d make more money.

the id Software bois focused only on making Doom 2016 an amazing game and the results speak for themselves.


It’s not about stock. Digital “stock” is infinite. There are those whose marginal value for this game is the $70 odd dollars we paid, namely everyone here. That horse has already been beaten. Sales have stopped. Now, they’re going after the donkeys whose marginal value for the game is less than $70+. Sales will increase. It’s normal. It just makes us feel cheated. Also normal. Pissing us off won’t lose them money on new sales, cause we’re not going to buy another copy.