Biker Gary on weekly store?
Is Gears 5 being lazy? Releasing a skin that already exists in a bundle in the weekly store. Biker Gary isn’t even the popular skin in the bundle, yet TC releases it for god knows what. Maybe for the F2P players? But 500 iron is still alot!
You’re better off buying the Carmine Family Bundle.

They said they would do this(sell the character skins in the store outside the Carminebundle) before the skin went up.

What annoys me more is that this apparently counts as a replacement to a new character skin for the weekly Store, even though the thing had already been made and could have been alongside some second new character skin.


This what I was expecting as well.
That’s cool than they sell the skin without the bundle, cause not everybody want it to buy the bundle, but I was expecting like a 2nd skin beside

Not necessarily. The deluxe bundle costs 1800 Iron doesn’t it? Whereas these Carmine variants are all blue/rare and will cost 500 Iron each so this will total 1500. So the bundle costs an extra 300 Iron, but you also get a few extras like the weapon skins, a shortcut to unlocking the base characters, plus a few banners and bloodsprays. I guess it depends on whether you want the extras or not.

I bought the bundle, but in retrospect wish I had held out now as I don’t care for the weapon skins, banners and bloodsprays. I hadn’t realised that TC would release the alt character skins so soon and thought they would release them a little further down the line. If I knew it would be so soon I’d have held onto that extra 300 Iron. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just waiting for the Benjamin skin

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