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Hello Gears Nation,

I am looking for some assistance in completing two things, Number one the Horde mode on Insane difficulty setting or inconceivable setting. Second, I would like to complete the campaign on the same settings if possible. So if there is someone out there who is a gears nut and would like to help someone complete it, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. It would be for the Xbox one and my gamer-tag is “Biggiant21”

if you are interested in putting a team together for horde and helping on the campaign please send me a message on Xbox. Thank you very much all. Happy holidays!

All the best,


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If you still need a guy for campaign (horde isn’t my thing) then I can help you maybe this weekend. A few friends I’ve run with have told me I make inconceivable difficulty a walk in the park for them… literally. Also make it a little bit more interesting than what you would normally be accustomed to. Don’t ask, don’t tell. :wink:

Just add my tag- GreatWhiteShark and message me whenever we run it if I’m not swamped with work.

(Biggiant21) #3

sounds good to me. We don’t even need to complete it all in one sitting. I would work on your schedule. If we can bang through it before Jan 18th that’d be sweet. Ill add you in a little bit and shoot you a message. Thank you very much !

All the best,


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