Biggest problem with tour of duty is

I despise the 10 wins medal for Escalation. So many bad players on my team infuriates me. Sure I could find a group, but even with a group of randoms on lfg, there’s still a chance of one of them quitting. Plus my friends don’t like Escalation and I couldn’t agree with them more.

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How about that ‘free’ re-roll, why not just start the day with four?
Oh, gotta condition the mind to hold in that X button…
“See how easy that was? Now do it again & again & again”.

The forced reroll means you cant do them all at the same time if you get overlap. Basically it ensures you have to play multiple things to do all your dailies whereas if they were all available at once and all overlapping that would mean less time needed to do them. Say i rolled beat a challenge escape, X kills with Mac, X kills with Assault Rifles and X drone kills I could do all of those at the same time in Escape and potentially finish them all in the same run, but if i only rolled challenge escape, x kills with assault rifles and x drone kills and then had to reroll to get X kills with Mac that would mean that bare minimum I would have to boot up another escape or versus to complete the fourth tour of duty in addition to the bare minimum single challenge escape i had to do for that star which could meet the requirements for the other 2 whilst doing the limiting factor tour objective.

Being locked behind a reroll means youre going to have to play more bare minimum.

I agree with this. And when you look for groups, they want onyx or diamond.

30 min ain’t worth a grind. That’s jus like going to a gym for 30. Won’t get :poop: done

I support you, just like you also play versus and I don’t like the other modes thanks to that I don’t have my rewards even though I’m playing hours and hours.

Exactly! Why can’t we pick game modes for the dailies?! I.e. a horde only player could pick the horde category so only horde dailies pop up.

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The biggest problem is it is timed. When did anyone ask for content that would be unlock-able for a limited time only?

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That would be perfect

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Need to earn stars towards TOD playing any form of multiplayer. Earn certain amount of xp and you get one star. This is how every other battle pass works for every other game out there at the moment…


If your strictly versus you’ll pay for iron, same for horde :roll_eyes::expressionless:

Better than win a versus match on this map no one will vote for. I cant wait to get general so I can be done with this crap and truly enjoy the game. Gonna burn all my iron on double star day saturday.

Wait until you find out about operation 2 coming out in December.

Then it’s back to the grind.

You get a lot more stars for medals and there’s quite a few that relate to versus. However, they take a long time to complete.

I Feel your pain :-(:-(:frowning: I literally forgot how it feels to play multiplayer because these impossible time consuming challenges i played over 200+ escape matches and I’m sick of it and horde I don’t like either tbh but the rewards are in the tour and I’m only 67% done I’ll be playing escaped again all f*ing day because I still have to do 10 more challenge hives and 5 more past hives don’t even have master hives done will probably never get that done it took 3 hours to get GL lancer kills I literally fell asleep 4 times playing horde and escape

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Yes! We should all just get General in ToD right when we login. Why play the game? Everything should be handed to us, I demand this. Now.

I just want the achievement, I don’t care enough about skins to keep doing chores. It’s ok now because I’m still kinda enjoying sampling all the modes but I would like to eventually finish the campaign and just play koth til I’m sick of it.

Chevo for me too. Skins don’t matter.