Biggest problem with tour of duty is

The grinding is fine and whatever. I don’t mind cause I love gears and playing it is never a grind for me. BUT the only thing and I mean only thing wrong with tour of duty is that everyday to earn stars I have to play things I don’t want to play like escape. Escape is cool and all but I love versus and that’s all I want to do but in order to keep getting stars to rank up then it forces me to play escape and other things every single day and takes time out of versus for me and I don’t like that. I shouldn’t be forced to pass escape hives everyday for stars. There should be a option to chose like versus horde and escape you chose one and that’s what your objectives are for the day. Like I chose versus then all my objectives for the day should be versus related only unless I switch it myself. It probably won’t happen but I just hate having to play these modes every sisngle day that I don’t want to play in order to rank up.


Thats true!

I’ve spent soo many points to change those missions (horde and escape). holy hell

Ya it’s like they are forcing new modes down your throat everyday just to rank up.

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Why, you can do the escape challenges in the fraction of the time of a verses match lol
What a waste of Iron


I think that’s the point though, they want you to play other game types


Escape r easy, but horde though… boring as hell

Ya but everyday?? I can’t play escape everyday for months to keep ranking up.

the only horde one you might get is to finish a horde match, again takes 5 mins.
play wave 50. done

But espcape takes like 5 minutes to load into and finally start playing then like 5-10 minutes to get threw it depending on the hive. Just annoying to do every day. But it is what it is.

you can do a hive in less than 2 mins on beginner for the sake of the tour.

“The gauntlet” run past everything, done in 1:25 .
plus the 1 min load time.
total 2:25.

So much time wasted for one tour of duty that MIGHT pop up lol

Ya but in those short hives it may be only one thing u pass to get to the safe zone. And usually it says pass 6 hive checkpoints or whatever.

Then you play 2 hives that have 3 acts. OMG 10 mins wasted now.

All I’m saying is it would be cool if we could set our objectives to modes we wanted. If I set mine to versus then all my objectives would be get eliminations or assists or whatever everyday. Thought it would be a good idea. That’s all


Stop complaining and go play escape/horde.


I do agree that the Tour of Duty does not favour the people who like to play one mode only.

But then again, there isn’t really a fix for that. Going to a game-time system (like one in BO 4 for example), is easily exploitable and can lead to afk lobbies.

But then again, the challenges aren’t too difficult, and don’t usually take more than an hour.

No that’s just too much grinding. Nobody got that much time to be sitting on this unfinished game grinding. Some of us have lives.


Yeah 30 mins a day is to much grinding.

Ya the grinding is fine I just not a fan of how you have to play all game modes to complete them. But with that said gears 5 is amazing I love the game very much. Just wish we didn’t have to wait until December for more maps.

I think every gametype should have its own challenges ( 3 per day like now ) then you can choose to grind out whatever ever suits your fancy…feel like playing horde allday then you can grind out horde, or versus or whatever your prefrence is.

I was joking, there is no grind