Biggest inside Xbox ever this Thursday!

This Thursday Xbox will have the biggest inside Xbox ever they said with new games and current ones. Will TC be there announcing operation 2 or will they not be there at all? Anyone know?

why would they be there to announce an Operation? not going to happen because it wont make MS any money

inside xbox is nothing but a two hour ad. bloody waste of time


They will be there to announce Gears of War 3 UE.

/fingers crossed

I want my Bloodmounts and the rest of the Locust in glorious 4K60fps!


Taking the wraps off Operation 2 is actually the kind of “news” thing that might happen on an Inside Xbox episode, so… maybe. Only mitigating factor is that it might still be a little early, and they might not quite be ready to unveil what is coming.

I expect a release date for Battletoads, new trailer/footage for Flight Simulator, an expansion to the xCloud beta, possibly a release date for MCC PC, and maybe some new limited edition controllers or something.

If only mate, if only.
As for “biggest ever” isn’t ever other one the biggest ever. MS are turning into just Hype merchants at this point. But for being so invested in the brand since the get-go and Gears (obs) I wonder if I would have jumped ship to Sony a few years back. I have a ps4 and all older Sony’s, up until this year I only ever really played exclusives* on them but I will need a real think about the PS5 v XB2

*they absolutely slay MS on that front.

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Let’s hope they’re announcing the full recall of Gears 5 and all resources being re-focused on Gears of War 4. I don’t care if it’s illogical, it’d be fully understandable.


I hope they have some new state of decay news, some of the developers have made subtle hints on their more recent streams.

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Same, I have all PlayStations as well but I don’t think the next Xbox will be my main console if they can’t finally get their act together. Although I always love every new console’s launch I might get the PS5 first and see how long my Xbox One X can last.

Btw my wish list since everyone seems to post theirs :stuck_out_tongue:

  • New Elden Ring footage
  • Banjo Kazooie remake
  • New Itagaki project (spiritual successor to Ninja Gaiden please)
  • Gears of War 3: Ultimate Edition
  • Conker’s Other Bad Fur Day (I will always keep hoping lol)

I’m hoping for Sea of Thieves news and release date for Halo: Reach remaster. Maybe The Outer Worlds dlc stuff too.

Gears of War 3 UE would be insane but I don’t think it’ll happen.

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If they did a Gears 2-3 UE, Gears 5 would be obsolete. I don’t see either one of them happening.

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Dude, if a Ninja Gaiden game or something related to it happens that is just as good as NGB or NG2, screw every other game at this point. I’ll be waiting for this for sure.


Yeah, it will be game pass, game pass, game p, I stopped watching a long time ago.

If only. I have been hoping for a new Ninja Gaiden. I actually bought a PS4 for Nioh because of the lack of Ninja Gaiden on Xbox One. NGB and NG2 look amazing on my X and it’s good NG3 Razors Edge is on GWG, bu we need a new one.

I don’t count NG3 or Razors Edge at all. Both were complete trash.

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Yeah I accept that view, I don’t think the Razors Edge is trash, I certainly thought it was better than the NG3. They’re not as good as the first two though, Itagaki not being there probably had a lot to do with it, and no Vigoorian Flails was sacrilege lol.

Do you guys think my Chrome Steel characters will carry over to Gears 6?

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Rainbow swirl True Dragon Sword Pog.

100% it was that way because Itagaki wasn’t there.

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It just dawned on me how many Ninja Gaiden fans there are on this forum.


Hmmmm, “No one kows where a ninja goes” :wink: