Biggest Gears. Tour Of Duty, More Variety.. Well done TC

I’ve got to applaud TC on a job well done with this game… It’s not that the game doesn’t have its faults and it hasn’t hit a few bumps in the road but honestly I am really liking it.

Tour of Duty has had me focused on playing in game modes of I have never really cared about in previous titles.

I originally started with Versus as I have done with all previous titles. It was only when I really got into the Tour of Duty thing that got me playing horde more than i have ever and actually having a good time.

The new arcade mode is really good if you Just want to take your brain out for a while (or have it taken out).

I’m about 60% medal completion on my Tour… On track to get Major General and I’ve barely scratched the surface of escape or got anywhere near finishing campaign.

This game has a lot of content and I personally think they’ve done a really great job.


Keep sniff’n dat poo cap’n :grin::grin:

This looks like a bait post. Let’s see how long it lasts.



The Bugolition Studios truly delivered alright. How could I live if they never gave us this masterpiece?


Yeah the stolen concept of fortnites reward system adding in a few new guns and removing others really makes this game… great?

The only content this game has is a short campaign, shipped with a small amount of good versus maps. Well, decent maps, majority are tailored to camping.

So you’re playing for tour of duty for “rewards” that really don’t matter because it’s all cosmetic.

You’re enjoying the fortnite aspect of the game because I assume you never played fortnite, if you have then I assume you just didn’t realize it’s a ploy to get you to spend $.

Iron - after ONE re-roll you have to spend your iron. TC has yet to address adding any function for making more iron.

It’s literally a ploy, and you’re falling for it.


Yes really… It’s my personal opinion I think it’s a great game.

I can’t really comment on the fortnite thing having never played but the world is full of stolen concepts in every way whether it’s music, fashion etc It doesn’t lessen my enjoyment.

Any individuals view on cosmetics are purely subjective you think they don’t matter but they will to others.

I am also aware and can see how TC have set out their stall in terms of marketing, microtransactions and monetization. Your implying that I’ve been deceived and to that end that implication extends to all others.

Of course they want you to spend money It’s a strategy rather than a ‘ploy’ I think you underestimate people’s ability to see what’s happening and their ability to spend wisely.

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