BIGELOWE error already tried all common troubleshooting tips New PC player

Windows 10
Gamertag: redboy024
I just picked up Gears 4 for the PC and have been unable to play any of the online components of the game after being confronted with a “BIGELOWE” error every time I try.

I have scoured this forum and completed all the troubleshooting tips given including those at the following link
and many other common possible fixes including:

reinstalling the game, switching xbox profiles, forwarding ports, ensuring NAT type OPEN

My next course of action was to “contact [them] in [their] official tracking thread”, but the link is dead. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry to hear this. Hope they get you some help. I forget the exact TC reps user names to tag (of they use spaces or not) them but maybe someone can get their attention in here for you.

BIGELOWE is an account/server thing as far as I know and not the known PC issue that’s been covered in other threads. If you just started trying to play today, it seems some users are experiencing problems with the update so that may or may not be related. Best of luck.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve just been playing the campaign since I first got the game Saturday in the hopes that the problem would resolve itself as they said it might in the post. I would appreciate any help I can get from the TC guys, so if you could swing that, that would be great. I don’t mind having to wait, it’s just that posting here seemed like the next step to take after scouring the forums and exhausting all the possible solutions I’ve seen prescribed in other threads to players with my same problem.

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Except for information already posted, don’t expect any help from TC, they moved on to Gears 5 and what little remain takes care of small things, not errors that have been going on for a long time.

I had that error occasionally (not all the time but frequently) and my problem was my NAT, it was on yellow status or something. It means some connections are fine while some aren’t. Red means no-no and Green means you’re fine.

Open the xbox app (if it crashes or freezes, don’t worry, its completely normal, just keep trying until you manage to keep it stable), open settings and look for network or something like that. Once you click on it it will run a small test to verify your connection and then will give you a result. If its not green (as in ok) then a port may need forwarding.

Or it could be something else entirely but that’s how I fixed my Bigelow problem.

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I’ve already forwarded some ports for the game, and although I didn’t see any colors, my NAT type is open and i’m connected to xbox services. Thanks for the input. Should I just give up all hope that I’ll ever play the multiplayer?

Sorry about the confusion, it was another software that had colors. If your NAT says open then you can connect just fine with other players. It must be something else.

The problem we have here in the community is that the game have several error messages that have little to no “official” information here in the (supposedly) “official” forums and so far the only way to move forward is with the input of other members, TC only shows up when the house is about to fall down.

Is it so hard to include a document that describes what each error message means? to this day I still get errors which I know nothing about (fortunately for me they don’t last long).

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help but the only official comment I heard from @TC_Octus was in a developer stream where he said the Bigelow error is a connection issue and not a problem with the game itself.

Thanks for the effort Belkain. I suppose I’m just SOL unless this problem magically resolves itself or TC takes notice.

Thanks for reaching out @redboy024 - we are looking into this and getting back at you as soon as we have more details to share. Thank you for your patience.


Glad to see TC helping this guy out. :+1: