Big $/£ Spenders complaint thread

Firstly let me state, regardless of what edition you play. If you spent money to get game pass for a month or spent £60 for the standard edition all of our complaints should equally be valid. The problem is TC clearly has contempt for their consumers. To the point where Rod Ferguson is liking tweets labelling us as toxic and whiny.

This thread, can you please comment how much you have spent since TC took over the realms with Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Let’s remind them how committed we have been to the franchise and how much £££ they’ve made from us. Hopefully they’ll realise how extortionate they have become and how wrongly they’ve treated us with contempt.

Firstly with Gears 5 they knowingly released a broken, incomplete game. Held back on content that should’ve been available on release to keep us playing to artificially feel invested and spend on micro transactions. Broken Versus, Broken Horde, Broken Campaign, Anti Consumer store, Broken Stats/Tour of Duty.

TC I only upgraded to Xbox One just to play Ultimate Edition. I went all out on the Gears 4 Xbox One S Bundle, I must’ve spent like £150 on Gears 4 loot boxes and dlc. I spent £590 on Gears 5, I bought the Xbox One X Gears 5 limited edition bundle, another Kait Controller and the 2TB hard drive. (They didn’t tell me before buying that the console edition alone would’ve included every Ice Skin).

TC you should bear in mind, a lot of us having supported your franchise so much and you treat us with complete and utter contempt. We’re not happy. Do you not think after spending so much money we’re not right to give you a sh*tstorm of toxic and Whiney behaviour? You go and spend Thousands of £s or $s or whatever and get a freshly curled turd from a dog in return and let’s see your reaction.

Fix the game ASAP, the broken campaign, broken multiplayer, broken horde, broken stats/rankings/tour of duty. Fix your anti consumer attitude, reduce your store prices and stop copying fortnites artificial buy it now whilst you can scammy attitude. Release content available to grind your that should’ve been there on launch, we know they’re in the we’ve seen them in campaign!!! This is a Tripple AAA franchise that you pay upfront not a free to play game.

TC listen to us and remember who the f is paying your wages. Your game is turd, spend our money on fixing it ASAP. And get writing a very long article apologising for your awful behaviour and attitude towards fans and make amends on your anti consumer practices. If you don’t this game will continue to fail.


TC don’t care how much you spend.

I’ve spent like $6,200 across 4 and 5 - they don’t care.

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I’ve spent like, no joke, coming up on £10,000 lol, if you include the special editions and all that malarkey. No regrets. Gears to the end


And I get that, but aren’t you annoyed with the way they’ve handled Gears 5?

A lot of the people working on this game have been working on Gears since Gears 1 was in development and they’re still releasing Broken game at launch with more issues than any previous title. And then they think we’re toxic for making a fuss and not being grateful for them releasing more broken games with with more anti consumer attributes

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realy? :scream:

See, I feel like a bit of a ■■■■ saying this. But other than being kicked out of co-op campaign on launch week, and being put on the wrong server from time to time, I genuinely haven’t experienced any major flaws. I understand others have and that sucks, but I’m just yet to experience them. Microtransactions don’t bother me because I’m ■■■■ with money. I finished tour of duty in six days so I don’t have a problem if anything it needs to be longer.

I’d love to be able to agree but genuinely I find Gears 5 to be the smoothest one yet, weapon re-balancing is needed but it’s not a major issue.



About $5K in Gears 4 and $1.2K in 5.

Plus a $15K PC just to run 5 which will rise by $2K when I get the new GPUs in June.

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I spent $60 on Gears 4 and got Gears UE and Gears 5 from Game Pass. Haven’t spent any money on microtransactions.

Thanks for keeping one of my favorite franchises alive and providing full featured games with tons of free post launch content over the years, TC.:+1::+1:

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After the initial purchase price I do not spend anything else and never will do, its a game aand games move on quick.

but saying that when I do purchase a game i want it to work pretty well out the box, not every bug sorted as there will always be some but not to the point where a lot of things do not register or are broken.

Rod has his opinion and is entitled to it like the ones he is calling whiny and toxic but putting things into a game that nobody wanted as a majority (character locks on horde as an example) surely he didn’t expect players just to accept it ?

wow that is some commitment to a franchise :astonished::dizzy_face:

I think it’s criminal that you’ve had to spend that much to unlock I assume all of the content.

Also post PC man

What do you mean post PC.

I wanna see that massive rig my man, mines all in all around 2K but running an old 4690K and will have to replace motherboard and RAM, literally looking at £900 just to upgrade one component… oh the joys of PC gaming :grin:


That is a monster mate. Very nice build & set up. I’ve considered doing some water cooling but I don’t dare risk it :sweat_smile:



They have to be flushed every year and you have to watch out for leaks but yeah, performance is immense.

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Holy ■■■■, you guys are seriously spending hundreds on Gears.

If I was TC and I saw some of these returns, even with the problems and complaints, I wouldnt change ■■■■ either lmaoo


Big spenders complaint thread??

This where we complain bout the big spenders and how by continuing to pour money into the hands of incompetent companies all our games have gone to sht cause they KNOW they just well, don’t gota do their job anymore, don’t need to fix things, can overcharge for literal sht, because some got WAY more money than sense, can release beta’s for full price, can cut content to bare bones etc etc etc


Oh, I won’t bother then :blush:


LMFAO this seriously had me in tears.

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Nice rig👍

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