Big Rumor For Gears

A rumor just came out that Xbox Game Pass along with big titles like Halo, and Gears of War are coming to Nintendo switch…

Gears of War on a switch? I like the idea to be able to play Gears and Halo on-the-go

I’d much rather Xbox come out with their own handheld. I can guarantee it would be much more powerful and the joy-cons are garbage for FPS style games on the switch.

All of this should be taken with a grain of salt.

But if it’s true would you buy a switch just to play Gears on it? I might just for the experience. But like I said, I’d rather Xbox do its own thing.

It’s via streaming - so no thanks to MP.

On top of that, you would be connected to Wi-Fi for MP and you can read the poor reviews it already gets for the Wi-Fi module in the Switch. Native Switch games suffer from really bad lag.

The Switch itself has a good screen, but no where near the quality of a Mobile, TV or Monitor either.

I think it was also mentioned that the Xbox Game Pass may be aimed more towards the indie titles rather than Gears/Halo…

I see

Thanks for the updated information.

That being said, would you want a handheld machine from Xbox that played all titles?

If it did something different to the Xbox, then yes.

I don’t think a mini Xbox would be successful as a handheld.

Sony’s handheld died because original content wasn’t there.

The games were just stripped down basic console versions.

If let’s say, a Gears was tailored to that handheld, then sure.

Same for Halo, maybe Halo Wars 3 would work nicely on the handheld. They could do Dual-Screened like the DS.

But I think at the moment, iOS is just as viable with the amount of money the App Store generates and how powerful the new iPhone XS Max is.

I think MS could pull it off and I’m sure they seriously considered doing one and that prototypes exist but the appeal of wanting a high end Mobile or Tablet is too strong at the moment compared to a dedicated handheld.

The Switch benefits from Japan being such a strong, reliable market for Nintendo as a well as the EU and US whereas Microsoft has always struggled in this huge gaming market.

I have always welcomed different experiences on handheld and Nintendo has offered that throughout the last two, two and a half decades.

SONY found some success at first but then it fizzled out.

I think Microsoft need a very strong start to next gen, no confusing and conflicting information which hampered the Xbox One.

I would love a 1080p / 2K Xbox that can do 120 FPS over a 4K 60 FPS box…

Talking about handhelds, if that Huawei Mate X Foldable phone was running iOS - I’d be buying one day 1 :raised_hands:

I wouldn’t play it on there but if they can make it work, that would be great! More power to the franchise.
I think it’s smart for MS to negotiate a deal with Nintendo rather than try to go head to head with switch because switch was a runaway success. MS would probably flounder trying to sell their own mobile system. Being able to sell their titles on that platform is a win - win for everyone, except Sony, who is going to be left out in the cold for their failure to work with other companies.

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Ironfall Invasion on 3DS is basically Gears already.

I wonder if gamepass will carry Nintendo games tho?

Zelda on Xb1?


As much as Microsoft, and myself, would love to see Nintendo games on Xbox, this is most likely a one way relationship.

Not that Microsoft cares, because as far as they’re concerned, they’re getting an additional source of revenue from new subscribers on the Switch and whatever other platforms they serve.

Most likely, this is Microsoft’s way of getting in on the ground floor of the inevitable streaming services.

Like Nintendo would actually give consumers what they want

That’s because Nintendo would stand to benefit very little.

An audience who favors performance over convenience, but still really wants to play Zelda or Mario would have no other choice but to get a Switch. But if you told them that you could play those games on and Xbox One X, then they would reconsider investing in a Nintendo console (I personally would fall into this category, as I have little need to take my gaming everywhere).

That’s what Nintendo risks losing: a potentially sizable market who would gladly sacrifice playing Smash Bros on the go in favor of raw performance.

I’m a big Zelda fan but it’s not enough to buy a dedicated system just to play it same as with god of war.

And as far as Nintendo is concerned, that’s probably an acceptable loss.

If Breath of the Wild was available on the Xbox One X, then it could probably do very well. However, they would only be getting a share of the profits (70% or whatever it is). Compare this to getting 100% plus whatever they make for each console as well.

Even if they sold a lot more games that way, they probably figure that difference in overall earnings still greatly favors how things are now.

you wont be seeing Nintendo games on xbox. Switch sales have been amazing and Nintendo isn’t going to mess with that.

MS has been pushing for service based games for a while now and this is a natural step, they want to sell GamePass subscriptions and get the service on as many platforms as possible. there was even talk of them going to Sony as well but they turned them down.

expect to see their new streaming service on Mobile/Switch/PC/TV’s /ToasterOvens

The curious thing here is - assuming this is all completely true - that Nintendo is letting this happen.

My guess is that they’re not just getting a potential split in the revenue for games pass, but the possibility of a few Microsoft games launching natively on the Switch as well. Ori and Cuphead are names that are popping up, but maybe some others as well to sweeten the deal.

A part of me also suspects that they understand what Microsoft’s long term ambitions are, and that Nintendo’s best bet is to plant the seeds of a healthy relationship now and let that blossom into a mutually beneficial partnership much later.

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