Big rig dizzy’s return to gears 5

When are you going to release big rig dizzy back in the line up. He is most definitely a fan favorite character and people including myself have been waiting on him. You guys have brought back a lot of characters over the first year and I do appreciate that. Why not just push all the characters that have been released from previous games. I know people who would love to see barrack back in the game. Dizzy is a must and should be in the very soon future.


Welcome to the forums! And I agree, Dizzy would be neat to have back. I am also personally awaiting my Luchador Oscar that I ran exclusively with from Gears 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


When can we have new characters instead of repeat old stuff.

When the coalition intrudces more good characters people actually care about


I hear you on that argument, but Oscar has gotten no love in Gears 5 (and I mean… NO love… played the campaign? haha) and he is a TC original character!


Thank you.

I think a ratio of old and new characters would work great. There’s a ton of characters that have not made it to Gears 5 that are outside of the game and from the game not in the game.

Kaits dad and his squad, besides that we can get Reyna and Oscar and then we’ll just have to wait for either comic characters or new characters in gears 6.

TC has introduced quite a few new characters so far most of which are unliked. Only ones I see getting love are lanhi,lizzie,gary and my guy oscar

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Don’t forget Hannah Cole. And characters from the Ascendance and Bloodlines.

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We already got Scorpio and they already get new skins

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I want Oscar back just so I can see him with a cog uniform skin

cough Lizzie cough

Yes, she already has gotten new skins in Op 2 but nothing beyond that and the Hivebuster variant is very underwhelming, and I didn’t like Motor Pool either.

Oh good grief

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I never knew anyone would like luchador oscar hahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

but hey @Lambent_Lail its great so I didn’t have the heart to write to him about luhador oscar hahahaha.

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Tbh I’m not that big of a fan for hivebuster skins. Maybe skins for lizzie are a little bit harder to come up with considering she wasn’t fleshed out enough. She also didn’t have that high of a rank so I dont think we’ll be seeing like an academy Lizzie or something like that. I do wonder if theres any fan concepts for lizzie skins though

Scorpio is okay I guess. But Lhani has like 2 skins i think and Keegan has one. Mac so far seems to be getting more love which is nice for anyone in love with his character. Though sadly one of his skins is paywall locked behind a book

i can think of four others who need to return before big rig dizzy

  1. Tai
  2. Tai
  3. Tai
    but seriously Tai , Anya ,Alex Brand and Barrick need to return

Is Hannah Cole from the comics or the novels?


I’d love Valera back but seeming as I’m probably one of 7 people that remember her, I can’t see that happening. If they added her and Alex, we’d have 3 characters voiced by Laura Bailey - which I have no problems with!