Big Head Modifier

Don’t put them in green like it’s a benefit to Horde players because it’s NOT. It’s far worse than enemies doing 3x damage on top top of 3x accuracy. A marksman who usually hit 9/10 end up hitting 4 or 5 out of 10 when this modifiers is on, and like I said don’t count them like a benefit to players like “players do 2x more head shot damage” because it’s far from being a favorable modifier to any player especially any who always look for head shots.


Host a custom match and turn on one of the event hats in horde options. Using an event hat like the Santa hat for example will “disable” the big head modifier. Every enemy’s head will appear normal sized except for the Warden. It makes landing headshots a breeze for any class.


Feel free to give my original topic on this a read. I too wanted to be Thanos 24/7 at some point but I rarely play Gears now lol

Ah, finally - a Marksman nerf.

The only other modifier that is a detriment to Marksman is Aggressive Enemies. But that modifier becomes null when enemies are in barriers. There’s basically never a daily where Marksman isn’t a number one choice for a victory. He’s not ideal for close-ranged gambit but he can still wipe waves in his ult.

CQC has to deal with ultra stopping power, freezing rifles, poison puddles ripping off stim, etc.

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What nonsense.

Bobble head enemies are nothing more than mildly inconvenient and are far more benign than any of the modifiers you mention and far better than many of the other negative ones.

Then adjust your aim!

The biggest mistake many people make when going for headshots on bobble head enemies is thinking the headshot hitbox is enlarged to the size of the bobble head—it isn’t! The headshot hitbox remains exactly the same size as on non-bobble head enemies. So aim for the chin/mouth area of a bobble head and that will give you conistent headshots.

I played as a Tactician on a 1-50 Master on the daily on Bunker yesterday and the Marksman pretty much got MVP every wave. Bobble heads didn’t seem to bother him?

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I consider myself a pretty decent Marksman.

Bobble head enemies certainly decreases my accuracy, especially if enemies are in cover. But you’re right and it’s more of a mental thing than anything.

Having said that, one time I joined ImStifu’s Frenzy game as Marksman. It was Bobble Head, double More Health, and my ping was 150-200. I still was able to help clear waves with little problem. The reason is: Longshot Handling is such an incredibly strong card that allows you to screw up and get away with it.

If that Marksman in your game wasn’t running Longshot Handling though, big kudos to him.

How? It doesn’t do anything unless you succeed at your headshots.

Having seen your Marksman skills, I’d say you were being modest.

He/she was running Icy Precision, so I assume they wern’t using Longshot handling. I also don’t know how Longshot Handling works with the ‘Must Active Reload’ mutator, I’m assuming it doesn’t affect it?

That mutator ‘Must Active Reload’ was much more of a problem in yesterdays daily than Bobble Head enemies as you have to manually reload every single shot weapon otherwise it doesn’t fire! Even more annoying was the Engineer constantly using the Turret causing that annoying ‘pause’ often causing you to miss your reloads!

Time efficiency. It has a big impact on his damage per second. You save so much time reloading that you can screw up in the ultimate several times but keep it going and not be punished for it.

Right. Same with Veteran’s ult, he still the the auto actives.

Icy is good card but an interesting choice considering there were other boss killers on the team. I would say Longshot Handling is an even better card with the Must Active modifier.

Ummm aim a bit lower ? 4-5 out of 10 I mean it sucks but you can adjust to it.

It throws me off at first but I can usually adjust to it.

Imagine if big head increased the head hitbox. Thats how you do a green modifier

I never expected any replies to this rumble of mine. The whole point of it was to tell TC this modifier it’s broken and it just trows players off. It they are going to show it like it’s a benefit to players them make sure that the whole head its a hit box. And for you people out there saying: than just adjust your aiming it’s like saying: I never go outside because there are thieves, killers and all kind of bad people that for no reason can do harm to you so instead I stay home because that solves the problem :-s But to tell you the truth I didn’t even bother on reading every comment up here except for that one that was the shortest :)) since I never meant for this to become any fuzz. Good day to you Gears :slight_smile:

It’s more like saying make small changes to avoid danger.

true enough :wink:

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I do get though the bug is annoying

Hopefully TC eventually fixes this :slight_smile:

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