Big Glitch on Escape

Basically there is a really annoying glitch where you start a game and ppl who are in your lobby don’t get loaded into the map with you. I usually play on PC so maybe it’s because i have an SSD which speeds up load times but i’m not sure. Please look into this TC.


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Literally a person hosting that has a ssd can load into a new game before those with a regular hdd can even see the lobby.

Before I got my external ssd, I would get stuck in a loop doing Surge runs. I would never even see the lobby to change characters, cards, etc.

When I wanted out, I had to quit once a match started.


yeah that’s true however i think this only happens after the update now. Prior to the updates this never happened or at least i never noticed if it did.

You have to wait at least 20 seconds with SSD just before starting another match or else xbox player probably won’t load in.
I was notified by an xbox player to avoid that, but sometimes it doesn’t prevent such issue.


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