Big gears youtubers speaks against store prices

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Everyone is speaking against the store prices

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Huh. I actually played a horde match with one of those guys. Was a pretty solid round until I was randomly booted from the match.

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They speak out against them…but pretty sure both of them have bought everything off the store so far.


They used to get Gear Packs (including eSports packs) and customisation items for free in advance of general release in return for promoting them through their channels. I presume they still do.


I believe you’re correct, they’re still partners with TC through their special program. Glad these guys are drawing more attention to the outrageous prices.

The fact that they do this when their items are free speaks volumes.

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Was not aware, but that would make sense.

No m8…they probably get it all free…not ■■■■■ what youtubers think…what the community says as a whole…is the benchmark…peeps are putting wallets away…n not bothering in general…only now the game is on its ■■■■ are they showing any interest…in the people left…mainly gears fanbase…who if they’d bothered about in the first place…you might have got something that resembled gears!!

What was interesting, was that initially they used to buy the packs themselves and would make videos showing them opening say, 20 eSports packs at a time.

But from around eSports Supporter 11 or so (autumn 2018) the content makers would show videos of them opening up these new individual packs which weren’t available to the public which contained each individual character and the weapons (basically no RNG - it was like the direct purchase items from Black Friday 2018). These individualised packs were never made available to the public. From memory the only direct purchases for eSports characters were the ones from packs 1-10.

I always suspected that one of the reasons TC started giving out packs to content makers was partly to reduce videos showing the awful drop rates of the eSports packs. Instead the content creators would just get the weapons and characters to show off and promote on their videos.


never heard of them


You mean gifted.

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Do users of other things address other users of said thing by the name of the thing they are using the way youtube users do?

Random guy pushing a shopping cart: What up K-Mart Shoppers. This is Dinglenuts McGillicutty on aisle 15 letting you know there’s a blue-light special about to drop.
Me: Yeah moron. I’m standing right next to you and can also see the lady rolling the cart with the big flashing blue light on it.


“What up GearsofForum. This is your boi, Cap’n 2Piece coming at you not live at all and setting this to post 15hours from now. Just want to let you all know i’m a Tardisaurus and just spent my kids’ college fund on video game skins and I’m outraged that I didn’t get the one I REALLY wanted which doesn’t even exist yet.”

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That should be the gamertag of like 90% of the player base right now :unamused::rofl: