Big gears 5 changes!

Weapons- Weapon damage needs to be toned down on all the weapons, everything is OP in this game! 8 shots needs to be put back into the gnasher 6 shots is a horrible idea especially when dealing with more than 1 enemy at the same time those 2 extra shots make a difference!!

Flash bangs- These need to be a pick up like shocks they are very annoying and OP!!

Damage omen- This needs to be changed, it is so hard to see when engaging in close quarter fights when taking damage.

Spawn location- These need to be changed in king of the hill especially!! People spawn behind you or you’ll spawn across the map away from the hill while the other team spawns closer to hill.

Stat tracking- Where are your kills and deaths?? I want to know how many kills I have not just my KD!! I hit 75,000 kills and 33,000 deaths in gears 4 I’m sure people want to know how many kills and deaths they have!!

Please TC take these changes into consideration!!! Thank you!!

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They’ll do it but only because you asked.


I would bet anything the omen is staying. The gnasher mag too.

Hitboxes, aim assist, weapon balancing… I’ve still got hope for some changes later.

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Hopefully they can at least tone down the damage omen you know make it less blinding!