Beyond gears 6 Where should TC Battles on sera go next?

Depending on how gears 6 ends it may determine where or if TC goes into the next era to contiune with whatever the next cog enemy is,but maybe the’ll go back to marcus earilist times as a new gear or go back to wars earlyer then that,so should TC go to the next era after the swarm or go back to past wars before the locust showed up?

Before Gears 6 TC should consider remaking Gears 2 and 3


Don’t count on it. If and that’s a big IF, they would remake 2 well before 3. They will be using everyone at their offices to help with Gears 5 and won’t have many people available to remaster either or.

Classic Shino Baz thread

If Gears 3 to 4 was anything to go by, then I’d guess the Swarm may evolve once again.

And Kait might still be around since she may have inherited anti-aging genes.

They said the series is a saga now, not a trilogy l. Like 343. Adically, 6 may not be the final conclusion to this arc.