Beware bug in store, splitscreen players

Maybe general knowledge but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere so I thought I best warn. When there are two players logged in on xbox splitscreen all purchases in store are made by the first player, even if it’s the second player that enters the store. My girlfriend wanted the weapon set, she entered the store so as her gamertag and iron was shown top right, but when she made the purchase the weapon ended up on my gamertag and the iron was deducted from my stash, leaving me with a weapon set I didn’t want and a deficiency in my iron. If a purchase is to be made in split screen, make sure to exit and only log in the gamertag that wants to make the purchase.
@N0DEZER0 and @TC_Octus : Could you encourage playtesters to start running split screen tests also, with all the fairly obvious split screen glitches slipping through I’m guessing this is currently not done?