Between Op 4 & 5, it almost feels like we got a new Gears game

Just spent about 3 hrs digging through the new update, and man, saying I am thoroughly impressed would be an understatement. Everything from the new menu screens, to the new maps, massive PVE overhaul, the addition of the Scorcher, the overall feel of the game, it’s just fantastic. So slick. Hek even the menu music is incredible and evokes so much nostalgia. It feels like GEARS. So many nice touches. You can tell the team was extremely passionate when developing this new content.

Playing my Kait class with another character and not hearing “Now you see me, now you don’t”…I almost shed tears of joy. Knowing the endless possibilities now in Horde. Just wow. They even threw in a Gears 2 classic Horde mode and didn’t even make a mention of it in the patch notes!!

Regency - wow
Nexus - wowzers
River - wowwy wow
Gridlock - It’s Gridlock, but I do appreciate the Gears 1 esque filter
Clocktower - One of my all time favs so I’m biased here lol

The new characters are all great. It sucks the Lambent aren’t here on launch but that may not be such a bad thing given I’m already overwhelmed with content. I’m just happy they’re coming soon and won’t be locked behind a stupid RNG loot box system. I had such a terrible experience with the Lambent characters in Gears 4. Terrible.

Gears 5, Gears 5.5, Gears 6 (isn’t even a stretch at this point lol), whatever you wanna call it. Gears is BACK and better than ever.

What a turn around for this game. Op 4 was a great update and felt like the building blocks for something truly great. Op 5 was them seeing it through. It was a bumpy ride, but TC…I commend you. It’s only up from this point on.

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Gears 5.5! I like the sound of that.

Excited to play later today. Can you impart any gameplay observations?

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Re talon pistol: fascinating. I wonder what other pleasant surprises there will be.

Won’t have a chance to try until later :sob:


Completely agree with you! Loving it!

Favorite part of the update so far.

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I like it as well, only wished they put the character name next to the class in a small font or something just to get used to it. (1 op is enough)
I have to check the skill cards everytime to see who the class belonged 2.

Thank god cuz operation 4 was for bots :joy: i kno thats why all the scrubs are mad rn