Better Weapon skins / Charatcers exclusive to Horde

Every time I see an awesome or amazing skin that gets added to the game (most of them), are strictly for VS. ie you can only get them by completing the challenges in a VS game. Their needs to be a skin I love and can go for without farming bots, or ripping my hair out over dumb team mates failing me. (Heartbeat snub and Emerald Gear for examples).

Yes their is the Boss rush that comes with the Heartbeat Boomshot and Heartbeat Torque Bow, But I want something that is exclusive to horde, something as grind heavy as say the Diamond gear, something only a hand full of people can pull off, along with being able to see if it’s done in regular or SR (Speed Run).

I want those who play Horde the way it was intended and play it the best you can think of to be rewarded, just like Ranked Skins and Characters. Kinda feeling left out tbh, the midnight omen skins are nice along with the recent Heartbeat. But I want something that is a real challenge to get.

And like I said above, I hope they check the progression to see if it was done in a speed run or not. How to find out? Time ofc, see how long the match too and boom. Reset their progression in the challenge. It’s called a Speed run for a reason.


Whats the difference if someone got said rewards though speed runs like people get the challenge rewards in VS AI?

I agree to a point. I tend to play much more Horde personally so some more unlockables attached to Horde would be great. I disagree on the speedrun thing though. If a challenge is to get X number of kills or clear Y number of waves, then people should be able do it like this if they want. Just to add, I do have a suggestion below to get around this below.

Two things spring to mind:

(1) Perhaps TC can consider making some challenge rewards have multiple prerequisites that span both Horde and Versus? E.g.: Complete 1000 waves of Horde AND kill 1000 enemies in Versus.


(2) Challenges have two different ways to unlock the same reward - one for Horde and one for Versus?

I think the problem with Horde challenges at present is the lack of variety so they can be done through speedrunning. They tend to be kills based or waves completed. I wonder if in future they could add things like “get X number of headshots” or “kill X number of a Y enemies (like Pouncers)”. This would reduce the effectiveness of speedruns - I mean if you take the headshots challenge idea - if the challenge also ensured that the Sniper Strike doesn’t count, then speedrunning isn’t gonna help you complete this challenge. Thing is we know it’s within the parameters of programming. There are Horde bounties that centre around headshots or explosive kills, so it just needs to be adapted for a challenge.

The hard part is balancing it. As an example my headshots suggestion might just make everyone play as Sniper which damages the Horde experience for everyone else as everyone chases this challege. It may be that challenges are up for much longer periods of time or permanently so players don’t have the time pressure.


I agree, weeb man.

(In context of getting around speed running)

Could have a complete a certain number of (phat loot ribbon) challenges within one match; there are 11 total in a 50 wave. (Or maybe something like 25 of each type, in general)

Kill a certain number of bosses (without fail) in one match (6-15).

Small arms kills (sentries, turrets, and strikes don’t count)

Have any requirements be unique to special event playlist and leave out speed run maps.

Complete a match with all players having no skill cards, (Though this would be a major pain to coordinate, and close to impossible to do in public)

There are many speed run maps on current gears.

And many use grenade soldiers…

But whats the difference between someone doing a challenge against AI Bots vs someone that would do a horde challenge as a speedrun?

I wasn’t real specific, but by small arms I was thinking of guns (and launchers).

I’m not disputing what you said concerning many maps, but how many of the 34 have them?

From what I’ve seen, there are both Lifts, Foundation, and War Machine. Security and Blood Drive don’t anymore (the last I knew), and Raven Down kind of has one.

Now you should ask @Bleeding_Pepper. He’s the specialist.

I know speedruns on the following maps:

Lift Apex
War Machine
Forge Blitz
Impact Dark
Reclaimed Windflare
Harbor Haze
Old Town
Fuel Depot
Raven Down
Clock Tower

So 31 out of 34 maps… that only leaves Blood Drive, Rust Lung and Dam. That’s not to say there aren’t any speedruns on these three maps. Just I don’t know them. Note that I’m referring to speedruns that work at present (Nov 2018). Security has a new one post-patch in case you’re wondering. It’s a bit finicky but it works and is quick.

Like I said, if TC wanted to relook at Horde related challenges I’d suggest they be a little creative instead of making it kills and waves cleared focused. Headshot kills, explosive launcher kills, killing specific enemies, using specific weapons etc. It’s not hard to bypass if they really wanted to. I’m sure speedrunners will find some creative ways to make it a bit easier (e.g.: through controlling spawns), but it won’t be anywhere near as quick and easy.

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Aaron Griffin was exclusive to Horde, before they made him a paid character option.
Not everyone’s favourite character anyway, but I saw him around a lot.

I don’t think this would work.
It’d be pretty easy to just delay the match in Speed Run to make the game last longer.
If a team did Horde on Mercy in Library/Boltok spawn, that’s similar to Speed Run and their progression won’t count, just because it took slightly longer than an average Speed Run?
But there could be another progression unlock along the lines of, “Spend x number of hours in Horde mode”.
Then whether you do normal Horde or Speed Runs, it wouldn’t matter as long as the person took and spent some time in Horde.

Bashing speed runs wasn’t the point of the post. It was about different aspects that either affect the ability to do speed runs or get ignored during them; and, how those could be used to develop challenges that wouldn’t necessarily be a breeze to complete.

In that regard, vs has two season challenges. One that can be done in vsAI, and one that requires harder work (for most) in ranked. If TC were to do an equivalent, the former would be general kills and/or wave completions (the usual) with no constraint on the method. The latter would be something that isn’t easily obtained with stricter requirements.

Damn has a speedrun, I did it twice this weekend. I recently played with a group that loudly brags about speedrunning every single map. They block certain places with grenades, lockers or decoys, and they made me stand in a very specific spot, to spawn them into a kill box. Some of the maps were VERY difficult as you had to run long distances to get to your spots between waves but at least it was a unique challenge.

This would be cool to see, more than likely in the next game though, for those Horde/Campaign players that would go for those particular types of challenges. Not just the Griffin ones.

We did get the Midnight Omen skins which was only given out in Horde events. They were decent skins.

@Bleeding_Pepper I know there is one on Rustlung. It’s not well known and it certainly isn’t as good as others like Lift.

It is a similar set up to Lift. Enemies come from one end of the map.

I wonder if my friend is a part of this. All he does is Speed Runs and he knows every single map I believe. Not going to say his name but it does involve the word Zombie in it.

I don’t know if it’s in my head because you said it or if there is a zombie in the group. The person that organizes it is a woman, a very bossy woman lol, but there may have been a zombie username running in the group I’m not sure now

I don’t think a bossy woman organizes his games so that’s likely a no go. I have been told the Speed Run community is a fragile bunch because certain players dislike others which keeps one group away from another group, lol.

Interesting. That explains so many identical lfg posts…

There are definitely some cliques in the speedrun community. There’s a couple of people I avoid. I’m not going to go into any detail about who they are, but it’s for a combination of reasons really - casual racism, being a control freak, impatient with new players etc. I used to run with a core group of 15-20 odd friends so it was easy to get a group of 5 people together whenever I was online. Most people have drifted off to Forza, Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption now, and I’m playing more Versus nowaday so we only occasional get together to do a SR or Horde match for old time’s sake.