Better Than Bacon Achievement

So does anyone have any confirmation on whether or not this latest horde event and unlocking of midnight omen will count towards the achievement?

Yes, the Midnight Omen Skins you can earn during this event are the same Midnight Omen skins that count towards the Midnight Omen skin collecting achievement.

Alright, thanks man. I was wondering because I obtained the snub and torque bow Monday night and the achievement tracker bar never progressed.

Yeah, the achievement can take a while to pop. Try quitting and restarting, or crafting a card. That can get it to unstick.

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I had the same problem. Had 6 of the skins and was stuck on about 30%.

I quit the game and went to bed. I started the game up again the day after and it popped shortly after I reached the main menu.

Hope that helps :+1:

I am having the same problem. I got my 6th MO skin on Sunday night and the Tracker still shows 80%.