Better RE-UP Rewards!

Is it true that every re up is just desert camo? Why haven’t they addressed this? It seems like they’re going after every issue except this. PLEASE! We need a reason to GRIND other than playlist rank’

  1. 1st Blood Spray
  2. Desert Camo Talon
  3. Desert Camo Enforcer
  4. Desert Camo Retro Lancer
  5. Desert Camo Snub
  6. Desert Camo Markza
  7. Desert Camo Dropshot
  8. Desert Camo Overkill
  9. Desert Camo Lancer
  10. Desert Camo EMBAR
  11. Desert Camo Lancer GL
  12. Desert Camo Boomshot
  13. Desert Camo Breaker Mace
  14. Desert Camo Longshot
  15. Desert Camo Hammerburst
  16. Desert Camo Boltok
  17. Desert Camo Torque Bow
  18. Desert Camo Claw
  19. Art Deco Retro Lancer
  20. Desert Camo Gnasher
  21. Get Some! Talon
  22. Get Some! Hammerburst
  23. Get Some! Enforcer
  24. Get Some! Retro Lancer
  25. Get Some! Snub
  26. Get Some! Markza
  27. Get Some! Dropshot
  28. Get Some! Overkill
  29. Get Some! EMBAR
  30. Get Some Boomshot
  31. Get Some! Lancer
  32. Get Some! Breaker Mace
  33. Get Some! Longshot
  34. Get Some! Lancer GL
  35. Get Some! Boltok
  36. Get Some! Torque Bow
  37. Get Some! Claw
  38. Get Some! Gnasher
  39. Team Ice Enforcer
  40. Team Ice Breaker Mace
  41. Team Ice Markza
  42. Team Ice Dropshot
  43. Team Ice Overkill
  44. Team Ice Boomshot
  45. Team Ice Torque Bow
  46. Team Ice Claw
  47. Team Ice Boltok + Team Ice Talon
  48. Team Ice Longshot + Team Ice EMBAR
  49. Team Ice Lancer GL + Team Ice Retro Lancer + Team Ice Hammerburst
  50. Team Ice Lancer + Team Ice Gnasher + Team Ice Snub
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Yeah. The rewards are disappointing. :roll_eyes:

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That’s being too polite.

They’re damn right insulting! You get better rewards at the lower levels of Tour of Duty!

I’m surprised they’ve never addressed it.

Oh, gee! I sure can’t wait to put in so much fun fun work to get to Re-Up 50 and collect my Team Ice Lancer, Gnasher and Snub! Boy, I’m excited!



The re up rewards are seriously a total joke!!! Id rather scrap 1 threw 20.

Character skins, executions and expressions would be much better than weapon skins. Inb4 players complain about the much better rewards being gate kept behind massive XP requirements. It can’t please everyone.


Iron or Gear coins would be best.

A progressively higher number.

That way people are rewarded for the grind, but they don’t get something exclusive for others to complain about.


Didn’t they say they would increase the max Re-Up and bring better rewards for those?

Speaking about rewards, anyone else annoyed by the fact that they changed rarity of the Team Ice skins to Epic? Now the only Legendaries are Team Rock and the Halo Reach that everyone has. :unamused:

I even noticed Glacial Kait changing from Legendary to Epic. It doesn’t bother me.

Yes, Gc or Iron for re-upping.

No coins and iron are easy to get exclusive nice rewards non desert skins would be great!

Don’t play horde or escape?

Escape sometimes and very little horde . Mainly multiplayer…

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Escape and horde mains know coins are always in short supply:).

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It could be worse. Each level could incrementally increase the amount of needed exp. like they used to in previous games. It’s static across all levels now.

They have addressed it and are apparently “working on a fix”

Ah. That fills me to the brim with confidence.


They should brainstorm as a company on rewards. Then they will have a huge list of ideas. Then they have a meeting with all the leads on what’s doable and then they place them in the reward list. Add them as rewards retro active. Done.

If you get too at least level 10 you can play TDM Ranked would be good