Better off playing Versus then Horde for XP since update?


whilst i havn’t been able to test the XP changes since yesterdays update. I would be keen to get thoughts on peoples experience who have and if quite frankly if Verus XP being brought up and Horde going down has made that Versus grants you more XP overall.

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The title of this thread is written in a way that sounds like you have confirmed this, however, you are actually asking for the communities feedback because you have no idea whether that statement is true…

Talk about fake new, and gotcha headlines.

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I got pranked reading the title of this thread

OP Might want to rephrase the title or end it with a question mark.

I was thinking the same.

But on topic, I believe Escape and Horde still give more XP.

There is a thread for this, not just about Escape and Horde XP but Versus too.

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