Better map rotation for Horde?

Can we possibly see better map rotations for horde mode? I feel like the only maps that ever come up are Foundation, Rustlung, Harbor/Harbor Haze and Raven Down…I mean yea I can always do private with friends and post for a group…but a lot of the times I just search for randoms…seems like horde just gets overlooked anymore in updates outside of every so often a different mode.

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This has been requested many times for a looong time and TC has replied that they would like to but there’s nothing they can do about it. They can ban maps from public Horde without a problem (Checkout, Gridlock, Lift, Speyer, Oldtown) and rotation was fine last year when new maps were introduced but there is nothing they can do now?

Funny to say the least.


making the playlist satisfying wont make the people who didn’t get the horrible season pass think about buying it. still. gears 4 is game pass.
season pass isn’t.

Two options:

Suck it up for another 1-1/2 years or use LFG and post your own match

I agree. The rotation is horrible at the moment. There’s only 5>6 maps that ever come up.

They need to fix this and make it so every map has an equal chance at being selected at the very least


I agree that horde could do with better map rotation, I feel the best course of action would be to put up three maps for people to vote on (Similar to gears 3) and ban certain maps that are not suited to horde that people do not play.

I don’t even care about map voting at this point, I just don’t want to be stuck playing the same 10 maps repeatedly for the next year plus!!! Why are some maps banned and which ones are they? Is this to discourage speedrunners? I just want some variety and a different experience instead of the same old maps and base setups! Every map should have equal chance of being picked. Why is this so difficult?

Do you know why those maps are banned?

In a developer stream some weeks ago they said that “they didn’t play well in horde” and nothing else.

A friend from the early horde days said Speyer had spawning issues (enemies all over the map like blood drive today). Should this be the case then all needed is for TC to actually work towards fixing this, the “no can do major upgrades” slogan doesn’t apply here since they had no trouble ruining Blood Drive.

Never played on Checkout, Old Town once for Juvie Madness but no regular public horde.

Gridlock and Lift play just fine, heck there is an achievement for Lift but it’s banned from public?

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