Better horde matchmaking filter settings suggestion

So when you choose a filter such as frenzy or difficulty and enter a lobby and then leave cause they have crap modifiers, you have to redo the filter settings

The settings should just remain forever until you change it again or remove them


Yeah that is annoying
Features daily map should also be at the top of the search when selecting a level to play on

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This doesn’t even really have to be a thing though because of how many people run the daily. I honestly hate the fact that I can’t search horde lobbies without 80% of them being the daily. It really shows the lack of incentive to do anything BUT the daily when in Gears 4 outside of speedrunning this wasn’t the case.

I know its not going to happen but TC really needs to give people more reason to run the other maps. Like a bonus for clearing maps you haven’t done for that week or something.

I said a few times I think a great idea would be a random map selection option. It would offer bonus incentive like extra experience or cards. I think Mass Effect 3 had something like this IIRC it was like 15% bonus experience.

All I play is daily then leave
No reason to play gears that long

Too many games to play
Not enough time like when we were yoing

U missed some text.