Better Gears 5 Stats Tracking?

Are there any plans to add more useful stats tracking to Gears 5? I really think the game lacks in this area; it doesn’t show me a lot of the things that I really care about in addition to the existing stats. For instance, it shows me wins, but not losses, kills but not deaths, no total number of headshots, no total number of kills with a particular weapon, no all-time number of kills , etc. The stats seem very barebones, and I wish that there were more like in Gears 3 and 4

If there’s a stats API that I could build an app around so that I could track the things I want myself, that would be great as well.


Sup klutch. Yes they are lacking I’m not sure if they are gonna address it or not. Hopefully someone here can chime in if they heard of any of the Devs mentioned stats in a stream or something.

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I asked Ryan in his thread and this was his response:

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Oh you mean stats like gears 1-2-3? Stats that were actually good? Nah that would require work by TC, and obviously (gears 5) that’s not gonna happen. When I heard that they were bring stats back I knew it would be like everything else they do half effort…

Thanks for the info! Interested to see what they add down the line.

The horde stats page confuses me. No idea why they went with runs completed instead of waves completed