Better Custom Game lobbies please

yeah im breaking the cycle of people who dont give a ■■■■ and do whatever they ■■■■ they want in horde.

Random Map and Mutator Set option would be nice

You are the ultimate raccoon!

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Not to mention there being a loading screen after a match has ended…how long does it take to load a menu

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Duuuuuuuude…all loading screens. I’ve been playing Apex and it’s made me realize how abysmal the loading is for anything in Gears.

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People always assume the engineer is some amazing player, i have been in tons of matches where they buy sentries right away and level them or they buy level 4 barriers so no i would never ever want to be in a match where ONLY engineer can build, thats the absolute worst idea in the universe

I left gears 5 when they limited fabrications based on character and returned when they removed them

The engineer does not need ALL money, at least not in frenzy mode as the amount given is enough for me to build decently, certain classes need to buy perks in frenzy mode before depositing

The other ideas i do agree with