Better Custom Game lobbies please

okay I play Horde very often with friends so although this is intented for Horde I see 0 reason why this can’t be applied to other modes (PvP, Escape, etc.)

I tend to host because my internet is good and I don’t get disconnected very often and there are quite a few annoying and downright tedious things that keep happening every single game.

  1. There needs to be a simple button that players in the lobby can press that shows they are ready. Instead of me asking every man woman and Jack in the lobby if they are ready I can simply look at that and know. Super simple but would save tons of time.

  2. Some basic “ground rules” options like ‘only Engineer class can build’ or ‘all money is donated until X wave’ would be fantastic because now instead of randoms with no knowledge going into your lobby and putting 15k or whatever into a sentry now you can simply make the game in such a way that is no longer possible. I know people will say “well you can always put it into the description Bluejay!” but realistically I shouldn’t have to create a job description just so randoms don’t ruin the party lol.

  3. A random map option. Instead of me trying to be all political and asking everyone what map they want to play it would be awesome if I could just keep rerolling a random map option repeatedly. Now maybe leave tile maps out of this option but overall idea is pretty simple and sound, you click on random and it just picks a random map, then you decide to go with it or not. Only caveat to this is that it could keep rerolling you into the same maps over and over again but then you just pick another map lol. why Gears hasn’t had this since Gears 1 is beyond me.


This would only be ok if depositing could also be disabled.

There’s only so much you can put into a lobby title. Meanwhile there’s an entire screen that shows nothing but the hosts name and the lobby title (again) before you join a lobby.

Not a huge fan of that idea. The dailies are enough evidence that RNG seems to heavily favor certain maps/hives for some reason.

That indicates that the algorithm that is used is flawed and can be improved upon. Has absolutely nothing to do with my suggestion though. I said I wanted random, not 15% chance to get Bunker or something lol.

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Random map option would be so dope. I don’t know why it isn’t a thing yet.

Been playing Ultimate Chicken Horse with @Thundy_The_Pony and @Sashimi7699 and that game has it… 15 years without one is pretty damn funny to me when you can buy a game for 5 bucks and it’ll have that.

Edit: @TC_MichaelAOS have you heard at any point while you were with Epic/TC them wanting to add this? Surely I’m not the first person to suggest or ask for this. I’m genuinely curious if there’s some greater meaning behind the decision to not include it.

Does anyone know whether the lobby description trnslates ? It always beggars belief when i add info like “no sentries” when playing regular horde or stay with the team and focus fire" when playing classic and the randoms that join mostly disregard the description.

Good idea about the ready notif though. That would help out a lot.

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It doesn’t translate at all to my knowledge, as is proven from seeing descriptions in Spanish.

Edit: doesn’t mean they can’t translate it themselves though.

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Nope, that’s why you’ll sometimes see Juego de blabla or russian moon runes in the lobby browser.

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Ah true enough. Maybe all randoms aren’t intentionally annoying then :slight_smile:

I had a blast, not a fan of the crashing during the lobby/level select however. I already deal with enough bugs in Gears, I don’t need that experience spilling over to oher games.

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bumping this because I hate custom lobbies. Just had a match immediately start soon as I joined. Didn’t let me change anything, just assumed I was ready. If you’re one of these people please consider the following :

Maybe I want to change my class since there are dupes, weird combos or missing roles
Maybe I need to swap cards around due to the modifiers
Maybe I’m just not ready

sorry I had to edit this because its so annoying how these lobbies operate. I’m about to just start hosting my own.

1.There needs to be a simple button that players in the lobby can press that shows they are ready…

I’d agree…perhaps even a way to hit the button and when a certain number of players …say 4 hit it the game autostarts

2.“Some basic “ground rules” options like ‘only Engineer class can build’ or ‘all money is donated until X wave”
I agree but the options would have to be displayed in the search…don’t have me joining a game that I have to deposit until wave 30 and not know it …as far as engi only builds…I’d love that until I got some horrible engineers (like lately) and they build 17 sentries (happened yesterday in Allfathers daily) without a single locker

“A random map option.”

I wanna say they used to have this but took it away? gears 2 maybe…I forget but I like this idea as well but if nobody like the map i’d like a way for the team to vote out of if

I’d like to add 3 more to your list:

  1. I wish that we could alter more maps like Allfathers…if you didn’t know Allfathers is the only map that you as host can personally adjust to your liking…for example when I snipe i like to make the middle portion (glory…which is raised up) to be able to snipe enemies in the middle. Why can’t i change Dam, or reclaimed as well?

  2. I wish that they would bring back weather to the maps…I loved the random element of being struck by lightning in reclaimed windlfare, …or maps where its nighttime when you fight…

  3. Port more maps from old gears game
    Can I get some fallout, relic, sandbar, underhill, raven down, dawn, old town, nowhere, …how about some Overpass? Seriously we’ve had some really great maps that I’ d love to play in gears 5


I’d be pleased if when you simply leave a custom lobby, it would just take you back to your filtered custom lobby search…
or even just the unfiltered custom lobby lists…
or even just the Horde menu for ■■■■■ sake.

I don’t understand why it has to take you all the way back to the main game menu every single time. It’s annoying AF. Sometimes you just wanna dip into a lobby and see what’s up, you may wanna leave for many different reasons…it would make way more sense to go back one screen, that’s it, than to have to start your search all over again, every time.


This! I honestly don’t get it. It drives me insane leaving a lobby and being sent back the menu.

Also, I wouldn’t be against a player ready option being visible but having said that I still want the ability to start the game regardless. I say that because I have been in games with this option and was unable to start the game because 1 or more player didn’t or just would not press the ready option and was forced to sit in a lobby for ages or quit.

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1 and 3 most definitely need to be into the game, #2 would require a little more work.

I still remember the “ready” option when playing custom versus in Gears 1, the host wasn’t able to start the match if everyone wasn’t ready. A time limit would prevent 1 person forcing everyone to wait but the “I’m ready, start the darn game already” option should be available.

Wait until you try to sort lobbies by status…

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big fan of the 1st suggestions. hope that comes into play before the end of this games lifespan.

im not a fan of option 2 simply because itll lead to toxic scenarios. the issue of noobs buying sentries and they arent even engineer are fix’d by the 1st suggestion. some characters are strong if you perk straight away into ult, such as demolitions.

random map can be fine i guess no harm really. i wish horde had a payday (the game) style system where you did different maps with different modifiers for more rewards. spamming the same map would be bad. its just kinda dull that its just 1 horde map a day daily and thats that lol.

ive just been seeing a lot of toxicity in horde and escape lately. Horde people get antsy if you dont build a locker straight away despite being wave 1 or if you only upgrade to level 3 locker. guy picked up the locker and upgraded it and i paused the game and typed “please dont upgrade things as you arent engineer thank you, i was going to upgrade it shortly after”. reason being is sometimes id build a locker but no one would use it, as a class like marksman can just buy a sniper every round for 2k with ammo perk and be fine. Guy responds “do it then earlier”. lmfao 0 respect to engineer. I kicked him and the other guy at wave 12 1 enemy left due to his ■■■■■■ behavior.

Escape same ■■■■. people are literal dead weighs and you have t opick super meta classes and also play as if your ally(s) don’t exist, because they are awful no matter what. people join and leave if 1 fail happens even though ill even say on mic or type "Ah the ai was randomly aggressive there or just shot across map, dw ive done this hive alot " and they’ll leave still.

OR people who leave because i wanted hammer burst + overkill ammo and my marksman picked up longshot and didnt get the markza. just looks at me for a good 15 seconds and leaves the game. lmfao .dude just pick up ammo ur wanting me to give u my hammerburst or for you to give ur longshot and get ammo only for them? lmfao bro then ■■■■■■■ talk. didnt matter anyway im playing tactician jesus chrsit. people are so ■■■■■■■ elitists in pve yet they suck. holy ■■■■ the toxitiy.

That’s what I mean by ‘filterted’…just another thing meant to be helpful but winds up being more frustrating when you have to sort each and every time you decide a particular lobby isn’t to your liking for whatever reason.

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Its just horde, PvP, and Escape. There is no etc.

break the cycle, forgiveness :pensive: