Better Communication with random players

I think parties versus randoms are way unfair but I’ll put that aside.

I think having the ability to have pre-programmed communication could bridge the divide between parties if players could communicate certain messages with a press of a button.

Examples in Koth would be:

  1. Go to Next!
  2. Protect hill
  3. Or even pointing toward power weapon.

Examples for 2v2.

  1. Play front/back
  2. Keep shooting
  3. Flank

These aren’t the best examples and obviously players would either turn off or ignore these messages. But I think lots of high skill players that are randoms or parties that pick someone up in matchmaking can really benefit from non-verbal messages to work better as a team.

At the end of the day I think parties are a way bigger advantage than the matchmaking suggests but this could at least add some unity. Even if people turn this off, randoms that use it would definitely win more than not assuming everything else is equal. Hopefully making it a necessity.

I know people can use a mic, but many don’t use it and also too much trash talking or random noise. This would bypass that problem. What does anyone else think?


Good idea. Fortnite and Rocket League have this. I never used it in Fortnite, but it’s so useful in Rocket League.


Ooo yah, anything helps. I almost never talk, I like reading the plays and adapting. I would prefer to have solo queue lobbies tbh.


Especially if it displays in the receiving player’s native language (game setting).

It’s in For Honor, very useful if you’re getting ganked by the team.

I would love a better marking system. Like not just enemies, but objectives or weapons. Also just being able to ping a location like Apex or Siege.

Yes. Most of my matches are with Spanish speaking players.