Better Class Names (Suggestions)

One of the things that already bothers me with OP5 is just how silly/awful some of these names are, typically a class name is meant to tell you (as the player) what that class actually does. So you play RPG magic users are called mages or wizards, melee characters are called warriors or knights, sneaky characters are called rogues or thieves, etc. It doesn’t annoy me personally very much but a newer player is going to look at these classes and literally feel nothing but confusion as the names are well… awful, or could be better.

(Lahni) Blademaster>Brawler
(Cole) Brawler>Pyromaniac
(Kait) Infiltrator>Gnasher Master
(JD) Demolitions>Boomer/Explosives Expert
(Fahz) Marksmen>Marksman
(Del) Mechanic>Mechanic
(Baird) Robotics Expert>Robotics Expert
(COG Gear) Combat Medic>Medic
(Keegan) Tactician>Salvo Specialist
(Marcus) Veteran>Deadeye
(Clayton) Gunner>Tank/Mirror
(Lizzie) Pilot>The Silverback
(Mac) Anchor>Guardian/The Shield
(Paduk) Nomad>Fearmonger
Leave Halo/Terminator classes with same name.

Instead of going into detail explaining why I changed some of these names I just thought I’d put this here without it, this isn’t meant for me this is meant for newer players that are getting into Gears 5 and just wanna play lol.


I also thought the name “Fearmonger” just made more sense as well. Nomad doesn’t tell me anything about this class if I didn’t know anything about it.

Just makes me think of Paduk


I agree with Brawler for Lahni. Suits her so much better than Cole. Pyromaniac is better for Cole too.


Cole class: The Train
Clayton class: The Grub Killer
Mac class: The Delivery Driver

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idk I like the names. Blademaster makes you think instantly of the chain lighting ult imo. Venom blade and stuff as well.

Kait infiltrator name makes me think of someone who goes close, sneakily. So seems fitting. Isn’t all about the gnasher.

Cole idk - he has 2 different playstyles, but all of them burn. so idk. tricky 1

cog gear being a combat medic makes sense as he can actually fight decently, he isnt just a medic. jack is the medic imo.

marcus is in theory meant to be a standard gunner class rly. so I can understand the name. deadeye idk sounds like a sniper.


JD should be duke kaboom but I think it’s copyrighted

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Lahni: Blademaster > Warrior/Close-Combatist/Brigader(Brigadier?)

Cole: Brawler > Hothead/Incendiary*

Baird: Robotics Expert > Technician/Machinist/Artificier**

Keegan: Tactician > Munitions Expert/Stockpiler

Marcus: Veteran > Veteran/Crackshot/Sharpshooter***

Clayton: Gunner > Chaingunner/Destroyer/Obliterator/Decimator/Wrecker/Devastator/Annihilator, Demolisher, etc.****

Lizzie: Pilot > Operator*****

Mac: Anchor > Defender/Guardian*** ***

Paduk: Nomad > Fearmonger*** *** *

*Incendiary would obviously clash with Incendiary Grenade, but I still like the word. I was also trying to think of a word that can describe both fire and a very exuberant person lol, but alas. If there are any, they’re escaping me at the moment.

** None of my suggestions are actually that good. I don’t really like Robotics Expert, but I had no solid alternatives.

*** I actually like Veteran. Sharpshooter & Crackshot would better describe their relation to his Ultimate, though. Still, Veteran is still preferable.

**** Didn’t have any “legitimate” alternatives for this one either, I just like the destructive words lmao. I mean, they all describe what Clayton does to grubs, so ya know. Still works.

***** Same as above. Pilot makes me think of aviation/planes/etc., but I don’t have a better, definitive suggestion other than Operator.

*** *** blah blah, Guardian clash with game mode blah blah. I think it’s a pretty great name though.

*** *** * Fearmonger is a really great one. I’m surprised TC didn’t come up with that one themselves. It fits with his Ultimate and it especially fits given the UIR’s parallels to the real-world Soviet Union lmao.

And the rest I think are fine lol.

I would also really like a class called Vanguard, just cuz it’s a cool word. But, I mean, I don’t really have a grasp on the actual meaning of the word, so idk who to attribute it to, tbh.

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Vanguard is a cool word, and would work for Kait, but inflitrator is pretty good too.

All in all, i think they did a pretty good job with the naming.

I have an idea: Let the class JD belonged to be called JD. Let the Kait class be called… Kait. Let Del’s class be called Del. And so on. No confusion.