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Better alternative to banning

I’ve heard about massive bans, up to 2 years, for people that quit games a lot. The best implementation to ward of cheaters and could be used for quiters would be to send them to an alternative server for a period of time with other people who constantly quit.

I saw this done, and is probably still done, in GTA5 when people have been caught cheating.

That’s a lot of extra unnecessary work to make servers dedicated for quitters. The bans are fine. The people who got themselves the year+ long bans deserved them. One of the people in question quit 18 out of 21 matches in a single day. As long as you’re not a habitual quitter, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The longest ban an occasional quitter has to worry about is a few hours.

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Give them the head according to the time of the year, so right now it would be the pumpkin head for those repeat quitters. A dunce cap system like in GTA 5.

I agree that we need something more and they have said that more is coming for quitters. As is, people will still quit just like in gears 4. Not everyone is an extreme quitter and those lengthy bans really won’t make it much better except for getting rid of extreme quitters.

As long as they can dodge the time by going to another game, they will keep quitting.

Currently every quit doubles their ban time? But is there a cool down for it?

Can’t people just quit like once a day or twice in three days and avoid those harsh bans? What is the line to become a repeat offender?

Certainly it isn’t like you quit on the 1st and another quit on the 30th will double your ban.

They should be really harsh for time between quits.

Just derank them by 50% for each quit, plus the time bans. They’lll soon stop quitting then.

People mainly quit as they’ll probably lose less rank points by quitting than by staying in a losing game.

Make this harsh points loss for every quit and they’ll stop quitting after a single time.

There are some people who don’t care about their rank, but the majority surely do.