Beta tunning of rankeds

the new beta tunning mode to be implemented in january is very bad I think the community is fine with the current movement I don’t see a reason to change it ggs sorry for My english


Second thread I’ve seen complaining about this tuning
I’m quite worried, gonna go try it now.


Does anyone have a link to all the changes that are being made in this new tuning? Feels like I legit run slower. I guess what I’m looking for is a patch notes so I can see every little thing they changed

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They don’t care it’s gonna happen.

Over 1,000 responses for TDM to be squads & they didn’t give a rats A$$


Here it is:

Since this developer tuning details were shared, there are multiple threads criticizing this new tuning on the forums.

Almost no one is in favor of this new tuning.

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A few skinny “professionals” said “Me like” on Twitter, therefore it is now imperative that it’s implemented regardless of what the rest of us mere mortals think.


That is so messed up. No one even cares about the pro aspect of the game outside of free skins.


It’s just a pointless change to me. As said feels great now especially on the next gen

They’ve really sped up the beta tuning at least tho cos it’s nowhere near as bad as it was at first that ■■■■ was in slow motion