Hi, today I played the 09/12/20 beta tuning and when I played it I noticed that with this beta the game became boring and repetitive. In the following points I will say why you should NOT put these changes to the multiplayer gears

  1. The change of weapons is very slow and you have to remember that Gears lovers like that adrenaline rush of switching between a Lancer and Gnasher. Although with this change the game will fall on the campers and the players will not leave a cover for fear that by changing a weapon they will sell an enemy and kill them
  2. Since they made the decision to lower the damage of the lancer now it has become useless and with this Beta Tuning it is a lancer that with half a cartridge of bullets kills an enemy. The lancer is fundamental in Gears because there are players that although they play in a direct and aggressive way, there are players that prefer to play as support and with this beta tuning the lancer is more insertable than ever, this is Gears of war and it is not Gears of Gnasher
  3. The speed in Beta tuning feels like a Gears Anniversary and it gets boring


  1. (In this one it will be spoken the damage and the cadence of the lancer) In
    gow 4 when emptying the magazine is 4.25 sec and the damage when killing an enemy is 11 bullets
    Gow5 When emptying the magazine is 4.62 sec and the damage when killing an enemy is 13 bullets
    Gow5 beta tuning When emptying the magazine is 4.62 and the damage when killing an enemy is 16 bullets
    While in Gow 5 and Gow 4 the difference in killing an enemy is not much, the cadence of the gun does make a difference since it takes time for the bullets to leave the barrel of the spear.
  2. We want a shotgun that doesn’t make 99% when we shoot the enemy right in the face, we want a gnasher like the one in Gow 4 THIS WILL MAKE THE COMMUNITY HAPPY
  3. When launching into a cover it is very slow and this is understood that the change was made by the new players, but it is time for the new players to get used to increasing the speed
  4. PLEASE do not increase the time to switch between weapons is too slow and as mentioned above this will encourage the camper
  5. 5V5 in King of the Hill, this is necessary because being 4v4 and a player is out of the game there is a huge difference between the players being 5v5 will increase the speed of the game and fluidity

I have noticed these changes in the community because I am part of several Facebook groups and in reddit they also talk about these changes and I would like you to take into account these points because the Gears saga has been in my life since I played the first Gears, and these changes will benefit Gow 5 a lot


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