Beta topic and few things

Fisrt writing, look i get the need of keeping new comers to gears series so the beta seems good and still autoaim but its low that dont bother much what does is shoots not counting keep getting 80-89% and for some reason my shot won’t go anymore notice that even in gears 4 like what happen to one shot kill what am saying is keep auto aim low but shots fluid and consistent beacuse notice even my shots don’t hit completely and acts like a full shot mean is pellets don’t hit much on the target but gets full damage while full pellets don’t hit full damage like why,besides that sounds stupid but i know ya well help newcomers so if y’all came shooting constantly make realoding or mean is perfect realoding slow recharged when realoding perfect intstead of bonus damg is shooting the gnasher faster that way the newcomers can keep up with pros oh even this you add is when doing so cut the damg of gnasher yes nerf it again and add this. Last thing i don’t agree is when someone shooting at you while dealing with someone else you stay stuck or you slow down for other get you easy really? Gears are like juggernuts they can move but mostly deliver shots once you get hit by someone your shot disappear against his teammate @ you fail like no. Saying is gears 2 @ 3 no one give an inch was a allout war this gears series lacks of matches don’t last long like it did before because of all this little things takes it alway but this is just ideal then opinion really and bring loadouts weapons back hammerb and retro lancer even sw offshotgun that what made it balance oh if you do make sw offshotgun one shot only please if you do so ignor most criticisms that why you all are here with a mess just listen good not toxic ones and maps like few feels like judgement climbing make a map that you can go to rooftopby climbing and elevator ect…heck i wonder how looks district rooftops view when there a chance i look details so far few maps love one is district if not another map that can have access to this rooftops view. Thanks for operations 4.