Best way to level up Jack?

As Jack is the only class that can’t run in escape what is the easiest way to get him from level 1 up to a decent level?

Currently, probably Jingle Juvies. It’s why I got him to 20 first, so I’d have the time to do the rest during an XP event.


Depends, do you have a squad to play with? If so, play an Insane Frenzy or something to get him to Lv8 and spend some coins on Healing reach and Repair speed. These are the essentials, Explosive Hijack is also neat, rest is personal preference.

Thanks guys. I would rather not burden others bu carrying me through really high games. So perhaps I should do the advanced horde challenges and then invest on essential cards as you suggest.

I’m currently playing as Jack in each daily (inconceivable frenzy), I’m running a hijack build so your Jack wouldn’t really be any less valid than mine.

During most of these matches I rarely hijack enemies, instead I spend most of my time picking team mates up & repairing fortifications if we don’t have an engineer :joy:.

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Of course, the day they fix the cxp rewards for the dailies, the daily reward becomes cards instead of xp!! I had planned on doing an Advanced horde with Jack to get 7,500 xp

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As suggested, I’d unlock all 5 card slots doing whatever you’re comfortable with. From there, invest in leveling up the essential cards as they’re common I believe and therefore not a lot of coins. Then go into incon+ and do the cxp dailies etc.

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Jingle Juvies gives you around 45k class xp on Inconcievable.


It’s just too bad it is public matchmaking only which for Inconceivable is not suitable for Horde.

Yeah that is the only issue. However, if you can get a few friends, it becomes a lot more manageable.

My limited experience so far has been decent, but maybe I’m lucky.

Everyone’s in the same boat by being forced to play public, so in addition to your typical brain dead folks who eagerly show up to the pub matches, you’re getting your smarter players who normally play custom/private thrown into the mix as well to kind of even things out.

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Suppose you’re right on that front, I just did an Incon Jingle Juvies as Robotics Expert and it was not difficult whatsoever. Team was very cooperative and no one left even when I put the fabricator into the spawn(due to a tap spawning to the left of it). Gave me enough power to go nuts with barriers covering most of the area leaving the spawn with a bunch on both the tap location to the left and on the right inside the building, even with a player who hadn’t reupped yet but didn’t interfere with my building and mostly just threw some frags around after a while, and the Reup 4 Marksman covering the building side was also fine.

The whole accompanied by four Shock Sentries, and one level 4 decoy that I placed in the middle. Didn’t get a triple Warden spawn to test the defenses though. One player also seemed thankful for not setting up in the stairway tower.

On the whole? Took about 45 minutes and I wasn’t really bored due to seeing how well the setup worked and that I got to be more involved in fighting off the Juvies and other enemies(albeit staying back during the Scion wave just in case) rather than just having to always walk around everywhere being the glorified repair man with no uses for fighting off enemies that Mechanic is… with which the setup would have either been very difficult or impossible to pull off due to the amount of stuff that would have needed repairs which were just kept up by precision repair instead with no further power cost, at that. Though not having Power Drain almost certainly also was of use.

Unfortunately I might just have found the one apple that wasn’t spoilt yet on my first attempt. Still, it’s a more interesting way than constant repeats of Overloads that fail because people attract Matriarchs too quickly or because of the bots pulling some other stupid BS. Not having Drone Elites and the regular Hammerburst Drones around is very nice.


Jingle juvies is so easy, nobody really gets upset to carry you in it as long as you deposit and revive

Jack was my first unit to Level 20, he’s a boss with an offensive tuning.!