Best way to level up atm

Want to find the best way to level up

Best / Fastest Way to Level Up?

I find playing KOTH with the Score II active bounty and the 5X XP can get a good player around 50-60,000+ XP :+1:

Pretty quick in going up really.


Yeah, KotH is definitely the easiest way to level up, especially if you can continuously get MVP or close to it. Me and a buddy have been playing KotH the last couple of days and we’ve ranked up so much; I’m averaging around 60,000 XP and that’s BEFORE using the Score II bounty.


And it’ll be gone soon :disappointed_relieved:

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Yeah I’m loving this 5x XP, wish it was on a little bit longer lol.

Though nothing will come close to the 50x XP event that was going on in Gears 2 lmao

Aha, it’s so long ago I can’t remeber that.

But 50x XP ?

Don’t think Tc will ever be that generous :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


lmao no I doubt that too

It was leading up to the release of Gears 3. It started pretty normal at like 2x or 5x, and then it grew up to 50x it was absolutely mental when playing KotH

I think with 50x if you watched the XP bar fill up after the match you could be there for a few minutes :joy:

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Yea those were good times

Thinking next xp event will prob be 12 yrs of gears, hoping for a x12 xp event

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That would be Awsome!

Some type of horde speedrun on high difficulty. Could do blood drive with the power glitch and then just sniper strike. You get a lot of ribbons if you’re the sniper.

Or just do sniper strikes in general. Load up wave 48 on Insane/Inconceivable and just spam strikes. Depending on the enemy list you get 25,000/52,000 XP in about three minutes. Although it does get pretty boring

That’s my issue with Horde - I find it too boring by wave 10 :-1:

Speed Runs on Private Inconceivable Horde Ironman with Wave 1 to 50 Inconceivable Bounty and Season Pass, so you have all owned Map Bonuses +% XP, and playing as Class that does most killing for most Ribbons like Engie/Soldier.

But, this won’t be friendly method if you have lower levelled Horde Classes and not high enough Horde Skills, or the knowledge.

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Pretty much nailed it there :+1:

When does 5x XP end?

Sunday or Monday I think :+1:

It was on for a week and started on Monday 6pm UK Time.

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Cheers dude! Will spend the weekend farming!

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On the lower difficulties it is quite boring. Gotta do hardcore or higher for any enjoyment but you need some upgrades first bro. :grinning:

Ends Monday.