Best way to grind Juvie kills

The only other piece of content I really want from ToD is that swarm hunter skin but I need to kill 1600 more juvies. Any recommendations on the fastest way to do that?

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Im in the same boat, I’m assuming it will be grinding escape, specifically the hive.

Yeah that’s the only thing I can come up with, coming out of the safe room you can get a big group of juvies, but it’s not every time unfortunately.

Does it not work if you play a custom map ? some players build Escape maps with nothing but Juvies in for example

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The Mines is definitely the fastest way to grind for it. Some runs you’ll get about 40 - 50 Juvies, others you’ll get at least 60+.

There’s a couple of tutorials on YouTube that’ll explain the fastest and most efficient way to do it. I recommend checking those out!


I did most of it in Horde. Private match, Del, wave 41 on Dam, beginner. Drag fab to either side, Build a few barriers and 4-5 sentries. If Juvies don’t spawn suicide and restart.

Hide around corner and refill sentries as necessary. Should have enough energy to get through wave 44. Slow but easy.

Escape - Mines is the best way to do it, Go to the LEFT Saveroom that way you’ll get even more Juvies in one run.

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That would be my idea. It might take getting to the safe room a few tries, but once you get the group of juvies to spawn right after the safe room you can kill them, pause the game and reload the act to jump back to the safe room. Enemy types don’t change after reloading the act so you should have juvies with every act reload.

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