Best way to grind for Power (Energy collection)

Can anyone tell me the best way to grind Power (ToD achievement) to unlock Desert JD? All my other achievements are long completed, but my Power collection is still not half way done.

Like should I go solo in horde? Which character/setup to use? Which map, difficulty, wave(s) and strat to use? etc…

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I dont know about the best way but one I could suggest is using Kait. She gets stim for executing enemies and she gets 25% more power from her kills. At low difficulties you can retrocharge most things with safety once you get stim and dmg resistance after an execution. When that gets too dangerous you can fall back to the shotguns. Bleed dmg and bleeding targets take more shotgun dmg is still powerful at any difficulty so long as you don’t get downed. Since you will be up close you will be collecting it anyway. There is a perk that extends power pick up distance so it might make your life a little easier. I’m pretty sure you get more power from doing an execution over just shooting the enemy because it’s more stylish but don’t quote me on that. At higher difficulties this will be less likely because it becomes harder to kill and your easier to down. I suggest going in a low difficulty horde with a group. Bots tend to be idiots and if you down the last guy they tend to finish them off while your trying to do an execution.

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yeah i would like to know also…every other achievement moves at a pretty good pace… this one literally crawls lol
Someone mentioned to me that you have to get KAIT up to a good level and get the card that give you more power for executions or kills she completes during a wave.

No no no, that will slow it down drastically. Energy is completely shared. When someone grabs it, when someone uses the tap, when someone uses the Forge. Everyone gets it. Don’t do solo. Do teams built around energy. A high-level jack with the smelting bonus that focuses on breaking down weapons, that will earn you far more energy than any other method (although securing a tap or two if they are close to your camp helps too).

Keep this in mind, everyone shares the wealth.

Such a skill does not exist for Kait in Gears 5. All you get is a power bonus of 25% if an enemy dies near her, as her passive, but you have to be pretty close to them to get that.

Unless this was changed recently this is not true… The power your teammate collects does not count towards your medal.

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Thats if your actually playing. Going for the ToD medal he should play solo as Kait. Only power you pick up counts towards that medal. Grabbing from the tap doesnt go towards that. And I doubt the forge does either, not 100% as I have the medal already but if the tap doesnt count I doubt the forge will

It figures, I was progressing pretty well with my Power medal, when I was playing solo with Kait to grind out my other medals. It has been on halt at 400,000, for a few days now, ever since I’ve been playing as JD with a full team, where I just deposit energy, and pick up ammo then plant grenades between rounds, and have Kait or someone else go collect energy.

I guess, back to Kait solo grind, Now, I need to know which map, wave, difficulty to use to be most efficient

Anybody knows if the power is divided among bots too?? Because it could be a nice idea to put 4 bots to make the wave more extense to kill more enemies with Kait

I think a decent way would be waves 7-10 solo as Kait on Beginner. These are the waves where Elite Drones and Scions start spawning which are worth ~150 and ~350 respectively. And the boss on Wave 10 which shouldn’t be too hard to solo drops about 1k.

If you kill things within gib range, Kait gets a bonus 25% power and you can pop her ult if you’re careless and about to go down.

I wouldn’t start from Wave 1 because the early waves have Shock Traps and Leeches which only drop 10s of energy. And I would definitely go solo so you don’t have people racing you to pick up energy.

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Solo Horde, no bots, Beginner difficulty, start at wave one and just play. It’s a ■■■■ grind no matter how you do it, but this method ensures you’re getting all the power as easily as possible.

My only issue with starting from Wave 1 is those early waves only net you a few hundred energy each… Compared to specifically waves 7-10 which net you 3.5k to 4k each, I just tested this, waves 7-10 takes about 10 minutes and gets you 15k power as Kait.

Unfortunately this still equals out to about 10+ hours of grinding, but it feels like the fastest possible way.

I did every other medal in the Desert JD tab, and I’m not only 1/4 of the way through to Power Hoarder. JD is just not worth it.

Im pretty sure bots don’t get power at all. If you have 1 person and 4 bots and you pick up power, the power is the same as 1 person no bots.

I know for a fact bots don’t get power at all because I use the smelter a lot as Jack. Whether we have bots or not the power I get from smelting is the exact same. Bots are just there to take a bullet, occasionally revive someone and run out in the open like a ■■■■■■.

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Just play with kait (or jack)

Solo horde as Jack because he’s fast. Wave 1-35 will net you about 65,000 energy.
Build a forge and smelt a few weapons to get extra energy.

It’s a grind but you’ll get there in the end.

When bots walk into the power it disappears but u dont receive it, just sayin

Even more reason to play custom now.

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Except you do receive it. I have paid attention to the personal power counter in Horde and it went up when a bot walked over a power drop in a public match.

I do know as Jack if you smelt something bots don’t get power.
If I have a lvl 1 forge and 200% smelting bonus an enforcer gives I think 60 energy. If I have two bots and 3 humans than were only getting 180(603) energy per enforcer. If I had 5 humans then we would be getting 300(605) energy per enforcer.