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Best Voice Lines

(Duffman GB) #21

I’m sure we actually can’t, once the mod-police catch up.

(mendigo2005) #22


(ll R E D l) #23

Ive seen a bunch of videos like this still on here

(Duffman GB) #24

Fair enough, all good :+1:

(Belkain) #25
  • “sometthing’s wrong with this thing, it keeps jamming” Anthony Carmine. I always add to myself the “see? and bam! headshot”
  • “and that’s how is done mother fu**ers!” Clayton Carmine.
  • “son of a b**ch” Female UIR. This one used to trigger whenever you jammed your weapon, sadly it seems to have been removed since I haven’t heard it in a while and I play a lot with that character.

(Fatalist Flames) #26

I heard that line the other day from the Female UIR (Black Steel Version) - someone was playing as them in Gnashers Only KOTH.

Just tested with Female UIR in Horde, she still says it.

(GB6 Kazuya) #27

“That…was oddly satisfying.”

  • Queen Myrrah.

Oh Myrrah, old girl, it’s barely the weekend :smirk:

(xValtiel) #28

UIR female still says that. You’ve just been unlucky.

Also I’m not contributing to the topic, I know, but since she was brought up I like one of her jammed reload lines. I think it’s “Fushka!” Which I assume is Gorasnian for, well, you know.

I like when characters talk in their native tongue but to my knowledge the UIR male doesn’t have that same treatment which is dumb imo. Tai is another character that speaks in his language when he botches a reload but I won’t even attempt to spell it out.

(RelaxedHoffman) #29

“You smell like my dogs stink hole!”

(DLCarr17) #30

I Personally love Griffens, “I’m the MFing Monster!”

(Belkain) #31

@xValtiel, @DownInFlames85

Thanks for letting me know, I was afraid TC had censored again a game rated “mature”, just like they did with El-P or whatever his name is.

Guess I’ve been extremely unlucky then.

(Asurazu Rasu) #32

Killer Mike :

‘Act like you f****** know’

Palace Guard :


Only the palace guard though because of how unique they made his voice in comparison to the other locusts’ when they say it as well.

(Gumbolian) #33

Anything Dizzy says, most of what Marcus says, and “I love that pop!”.

(HayMaker304) #34

I lIkes Baird’s “I like senseless violence” lol

(Gigant0pithecus) #35

What is this, no love for Tai?

“Reminds me of my childhood” - so subtle and understated
“Like hunting boar, better even”
"“you sucka like die, then go then, come come! Try me!”

Tai gets me pumped.

(Omen LP) #36

With COG I play as the black steel medic most of the time, and I really like her “did anyone else see that?” after a head shot… (I know, not a swearing one, but always makes me smile).

same for L-P’s “I need bullets” (or was it “I need ammo”? ) when he runs dry… haha…

Anya’s simple “Frack you” is nice…

(SASxVEN0MZz) #37

Anthony carmines - Agh something’s wrong with this thing eh. It keeps jamming

Or for clayton in gow 3 - Oh did I hurt you little baby F*** YOU!

Or - or Dom’s 2 starting round lines - Someone’s gonna slip on that S*** and break there neck. Okay time to get this over with

(lildog Jim) #38

“OH YEAH BABY! TAKE IT! TAAAKE IIT!” - Anthony Carmine when killing somebody with a chainsaw. Rare.

“I went through you like sh*t through a Wretch!” - Marcus Fenix, killing somebody with the Hammer of Dawn, Judgment.

“That is… pretty gross, actually.” - Benjamin Carmine (and I think Baird originally?) chainsawing an opponent.

(lildog Jim) #39

I heard that quote once. Literally only once when I was using Myrrah in a private match recently. It was an interesting one.

(lildog Jim) #40

That first Dom line is a chainsaw kill. That one was so good, lol.