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Best Voice Lines

(Asurazu Rasu) #32

Killer Mike :

‘Act like you f****** know’

Palace Guard :


Only the palace guard though because of how unique they made his voice in comparison to the other locusts’ when they say it as well.

(Gumbolian) #33

Anything Dizzy says, most of what Marcus says, and “I love that pop!”.

(HayMaker304) #34

I lIkes Baird’s “I like senseless violence” lol

(Gigant0pithecus) #35

What is this, no love for Tai?

“Reminds me of my childhood” - so subtle and understated
“Like hunting boar, better even”
"“you sucka like die, then go then, come come! Try me!”

Tai gets me pumped.

(Omen LP) #36

With COG I play as the black steel medic most of the time, and I really like her “did anyone else see that?” after a head shot… (I know, not a swearing one, but always makes me smile).

same for L-P’s “I need bullets” (or was it “I need ammo”? ) when he runs dry… haha…

Anya’s simple “Frack you” is nice…

(SASxVEN0MZz) #37

Anthony carmines - Agh something’s wrong with this thing eh. It keeps jamming

Or for clayton in gow 3 - Oh did I hurt you little baby F*** YOU!

Or - or Dom’s 2 starting round lines - Someone’s gonna slip on that S*** and break there neck. Okay time to get this over with

(lildog Jim) #38

“OH YEAH BABY! TAKE IT! TAAAKE IIT!” - Anthony Carmine when killing somebody with a chainsaw. Rare.

“I went through you like sh*t through a Wretch!” - Marcus Fenix, killing somebody with the Hammer of Dawn, Judgment.

“That is… pretty gross, actually.” - Benjamin Carmine (and I think Baird originally?) chainsawing an opponent.

(lildog Jim) #39

I heard that quote once. Literally only once when I was using Myrrah in a private match recently. It was an interesting one.

(lildog Jim) #40

That first Dom line is a chainsaw kill. That one was so good, lol.

(lildog Jim) #41

Careful, now. Don’t wanna “question moderator decisions” and get banned, lol.

(iLegendairy Cow) #42

Anya’s, “**** You!”

Simple and sweet.


Anthony Carmine


(xValtiel) #44

I’m not an Anya mark but this line is simple yet so sweet. She delivers the line perfectly.

(ll R E D l) #45

Locust “Shiny”

(baconman886) #46

Dom’s “I’ll take those” gets me everytime. My friend and I repeat it like 10 times everytime we hear it because we find it so hilarious.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #47

Myrrah, for me, is far and away the best. So smug and superior. :smile:
“This one won’t breed again…”
Headshot= “I suppose that was humane…”

And, the maniacal laughter… She gets laughing and then I get laughing. It’s great.

(DeemyTheDamager) #48

Mine is Bernie’s
" Oh I’m gonna Fxck you now! "

(Bixouille) #49

I like Raam’s howl when he tags a grenade after having a meat shield.
Same for Kantus.


Carmine’s infamous line: “COME ON Baby!, DIE FOR PAPA!!

(GrubKiller101) #51

Sam’s ‘damage’ lines, especially the “phwoooarr!” and I like her bayonet charge. Then there’s “Fire in the hole” “I love it” and “Aim for the mouth!”.