Best store skin yet?

I thought hive buster Marcus was cool. Not worth the 5 bucks though…

Has to be the Eclipse skins as weapons go, for me, in the Operation 2 bundle.

As character skins go, there hasn’t been anything interesting or eye catching so far.

Ice Kait/Ice Skins
Locust Drone/Black phantom skins

My go-to’s are:
Onyx male with UK set at the mo
Locust Drone…obviously same set as TC decided to go backwards and not allow us to equip Cog/Swarm/Horde separately anymore!

Mixing up the Eclipse and/or Ice Skins (The console exclusive skins) is definitely the top ones for me, Both look so good…

Only have the Eclipse skins out of that lot, but they look pretty good. Better than anything else so far. Who would’ve thought slapping a star and phoenix “omen” on a weapon would look this good?

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And I agree. The Eclipse skins are amazing.

I’m just slightly disappointed there is no skin set properly fitting Glacial Armor Kait. The closest to that are the Frigid Blast skins and they look a bit pale compared to the intense deep blue of that Kait skin. But it’s not too much of a priority to me right now seeing as I currently am stuck to Lizzie’s personality a bit. Certainly seems like I prefer her as my main MP character for now, though it’s still Kait in terms of story(as Lizzie would at best have been a secondary main character, or supporting character in it).

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