Best store skin yet?

Most of store skins are atrocious, which one was your favorite?

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Fahz’s mock crying one.


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Delivery Driver Mac


Character: Hivebuster Marcus

Weapons: Neon Glow

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New UK omens are cool.

Skeleton Kait but did not buy. Big regrets roll on Halloween 2020

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Skeleton Kait is the only store skin I’ve ever bought. Really liked that one.

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Fave weapons skin: Eclipse. Fave character skin: Motor Pool Lizzie.


None, character design for gears 5 is bad.

What the ■■■■ did you just say

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Winter Marcus. Didnt buy it though as it costed too much. Insta buy for a winter JD though

Killing players with a rainbow swirl gnasher :rainbow: is very satisfying.

Skin: Rainbow swirl

I regret not getting rainbow swirl lancer lol.

Only thing I ever bought from the store was Hivebuster Marcus. Not a big fan of cosmetics and probably wouldn’t have bought it if I didnt still have like 5k iron from the initial iron discount at launch.

i only saw that Halloween Skeleton Kait in another posters topic and that is a dope ■■■ skin!! i regret not playing the game at that point in time lol

Pixelated skins. Because of the crisp clean look. Also because I’m a bit of a wierdo and enjoy going into battle with the dumb things.

Chrome Steel Hunter, but refused to buy it due to the $10 asking price.

Same here. When I see that skin it does look bad ■■■.

I really like the papercraft Shepherd and the Cog gear halloween skin