Best settings to disable for performance?

I’m struggling to keep a stable 144FPS at 1440p when heavy action is on-screen. I can maintain my desired FPS in versus 95% of the time, but when action is on screen, I drop below 130FPS. I’m not so worried about horde as there’s always going to be action going on, and my machine simply isn’t powerful enough to maintain 144FPS 24/7.

I’ll show my settings below from top to bottom:

One setting I disabled that I didn’t think would take THAT much FPS is Reduced Buffering. I know it says it prioritzes latency over performance, but I didn’t realize to what extent. Other than that, is there anything else I can try to increase my performance and stop stutters from my FPS dropping suddenly? No resolution decrease.

Dynamic Shadow Quality : Ultra

Gave me a good chuckle.

Dynamic shadow quality should be lowered or disabled, and ambient occlusion should definitely be off. You have all the other worst offenders disabled.

You should generally avoid in-game reduced buffering settings unless your frame rate is consistently much higher (double or greater, typically) than your monitor’s refresh rate.

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That looks like a nice guide, but I’m not sure what the values mean as they aren’t corresponding to a quality level.

Dynamic Shadows, for example. It shows it loses 16.2% but at what level? Low? Medium?

I do, however, like the Tiled Resources statistic. Thank you for the image.