Best remastered character

So like the title says, which character looks the best in the TC era

For COG: I’d have to say Kim, from his new voicelines to his new look, he became a fan favorite of mine immediately.

Plus he has the best generic COG armor in game

For Locust I’d say RAAM (but only the UE version)

He looks just as intimidating as he did in 2006 but even more so in the remaster.

I’m just not a fan of this RAAM, I never did like the star thing he has on the back of his head. I do prefer this version to the gears 4 and 5 version now, the white parts on the armor kill it for me.

Honorable mentions are Baird and Kantus.


Alicia looks very good in Gears 5. Tai looks good as well. Im not a fan of what they did to Baird. They made him too pretty.



I love Nomad and Chaduk skins for Paduk so I’d say him. I also 100% agree Raam looks incredible in UE


Sam in UE

Scarred JD and Major Paduk! :heart:

I said remastered.

JD doesnt count.

But Paduk does.

Good choices though :slight_smile:

The pretty boy thing was definitely intentional, I remember watching the UE videos and when discussing the COG, they mentioned that they thought making him pretty was a better choice for his personality (or something along the lines of that).

I personally love the new look, never was a fan of drug addict Baird with his swimming goggles :joy:

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I prefer this Baird lol

Gears 3 baird is definitely an improvement for me, I’d love to see how they would model him in gears 6 if he ever comes back.

They did disgard his scar though for the 3 model, not sure why.

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I think SK is the one character that actually looks better in Gow4/5 than it did in Gow3. The ‘Classic Marcus’ version is also really good.

Edit: Unironically, the problem I have with Kim, and Classic Baird is that their armors are actually darker and grittier. It looks so bland — GoW3s by comparison was more vibrant, you can even see the armor color kind of bleed over into the grey chest plates.

Last time I said this some scholar took it upon himself to explain to me why the armor being uglier is in the lore, so I look for them to return now.


I agree with the armor

(Well with Bairds).

I much prefer the Carmine/Kim color of armor compared to the Baird armor color. I’m unsure why TC went with the UE Baird while Kim got a change for gears 4.

I just really like that color of blue for the COG, its vibrant for me and it just pleases me. Bairds dark blue armor just doesnt fit with any of the other gears and it’s odd.

SK does admittedly look good in 4 and 5 but I wont bring myself to use him.

Dom also for me just isnt a good remaster, more particularly his classic version, commandos good, farmer is excellent, and classic commando was bad.

For Cog characters I’d have to say UE Marcus and Cole and Gears 5 Anya. For Locust it’s hands down RAAM but they did a great job with Skorge as well.

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I think the Gears 5 touch ups to Black Steel Anthony Carmine improved the skin quite a bit. My go-to COG skin in 5 since TC decided JD wasn’t worthy of a Black Steel/Chrome Steel variant.

Classic Cole looks dope as hell. Of course Dizzy looks awesome too and love the many details they put on his scrapped up armor including the tattered undershirt.