Best place to see new challenges and achievements gears4?

whats the best place to see these? i tought that here i can see them as theyre coming out/ or is on, but i really missed this “Come And Knock on My Door” to get avatar t-shirt. i find it on sunday night and thought i could try to clame it. sad its closing at thursday and i’m in a freaking hotel whole week, looking my xbox near a crappy tv that dont even work with xbox :frowning: monday…

I don’t fully understand.

If you want to find out about new things coming to GOW4, I’d suggest you look at this link:

Usually it gets updated on Thursdays at around 11:00PST; 14:00EST; and 19:00GMT. If there are any new things like challenges, gear packs or special events on, it will be announced here.

Alternatively use Twitter or Facebook, but then they normally just post/tweet a link to this anyway.

I ment this one, sry i couldn’t go to english version of wepsite (allways went automatic to FIN), but it says i need to unlock achiement to get that shirt, closing 7.3

That’s just a Co-op achievement and now a reward by completing one Act in Co-op Campaign. To see and or claim the challenges, log in and go to

ok, well i havent done that co-op and i dont see any other info for that in there either. Anyway saddly i cant get that one, dont rly care about avatars but shirts looks nice. I claimed my osok horde rewards earlier and was looking stuff all around, still dont understand that how i didnt see this one.

When you unlock that achievement it will give you the avatar shirt redeem code in a message sent from Xbox Live.

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