Best place to get heavy weapons for stars?

Fastest was to get one if you don’t get a map with one?

Gauntlet is good. There’s lots of heavy weapons and you normally get a Salvo toward the end. When you activate the door, quite a few smaller enemies will rush you and you can just blast them as they run up at you. The exit on Gauntlet is a bit narrower as well, so easier to funnel them into exactly the same spot where you just rhythmically tap the trigger to fire a missle one per second, and will wipte them all out.

Alternatively, try The Clock. In the second half (after the shower room) there are several Scions that carry Buzzsaws or Salvos. If you manage to get a Salvo, then it’s pretty easy. Reload from checkpoint and just rinse and repeat.

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Nice thank u

I got the medal for 100 heavy kills in private horde, solo, no bots. Dam as Kait. Had it by wave 15.

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Best way is escape last stand map use salvo. Have faster venom on using keegan with resuply 50% longer, kills in venom and explosive resuply. But no bleed card.

Have a friend join to drop nades for u and get lots of explosive kills too.